Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm

Hard to predict as it depends which team turns up, using the Bolton game as an example the first half team will win and earn us 3 valuable points while the second half team will lose by usual score 1-4.
Trouble is both teams/ halves were the same 11 players until the subs which were to late.

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i am going to stick a fiver on us winning 4-1 :smile:

Be better off putting money on Scunthorpe to win…it takes the sting out of losing with a bit of cash in your pocket…:smirk::wink:


70-1 last I checked with William Hill. Good odds that. I’d have probably given you 2-1!

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No “live” updates from me during the game - I’ll be at Bescot to see the result of Dean Keates’ selection conundrum.

Martin … Fitzwater … Mussa … Dunn … Kieron Morris’s mum??? Tell you later :wink:


Strangely excited for this one. Hoping for a good performance, my last game for a while before returning to Cardiff :sheep:after an extended Christmas break. We’ve got Matty Jarvis running down the wing :musical_note:

Let us all hope you see a good game with the right outcome!!!

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Their owner has spent a lot on their squad over the last few years in comparison to their earnings and crowds. Think they have a pretty hefty wage bill.

Anyway, we really need to win this as we are tumbling down the table. Please can we finally beat this lot at home!!

Will be hugely interesting to see the attendance for this without 1000+ away fans propping it up.

Really hope we win, my reverse psychology went out of the window last so gonna say 2-0 to us. I can see a sub 4k attendance for the first time since I can remember on a Saturday.

I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to a Walsall game less…

Trouble is FHTF, the faithful 3/4K will continue to turn up every fortnight filling Bonsers (Sorry Suffolk Life) coffers till the end of time, or until Walsall F.C ceases to be, expect K4.5 will turn up again.
Think however, things might get a bit embarrassing for the Boardroom if and when demonstrations begin, especially if the expected 1-4 scoreline becomes a gut wrenching reality.
I get the feeling though that our current demo ideas, no matter how well intended, (oh how I wish WE fans could win for a change) will fizzle out again, and Bonser will smile benignly from his lair in some Med island, after flags are wrenched from fans, marched out of the ground and bans issued…again.
Wellingtons will be rented out for supporters trying to use toilet facilities, “It’s the best we can do”

I know it can be hard to buck the trend of years of negativity, especially for yourself AM, but I do have belief that this protest will be different. It is being arranged by professional guys in a professional manner. When a generally positive podcast is also mentioning how awful its getting along with historically positive posters on here, you know things are gathering pace. Just because things have not worked previously doesn’t mean you give up! Bonsers time is running out.

The busiest and most attractive games for football fans is over the Christmas period. Under 4k home fans turned up for all of our games but this was masked by big away followings. If Scunny bring less than 300 today we will dip below that 4k mark. Appalling.

Happened last season.

Isn’t Swindon the other team who’ve done a few 1-4s in recent visits to Bescot?

According to Norwich fans at work, Martin played some of his best games at right back for them, and they don’t see him as a central defender.

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Think so yep

Connor Johnson starts.

Kinsella dropped to the bench. Don’t get that at all to be honest.

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It’s just how the names came out of the hat.


Dobbo being left out is no shock for me tbh looked either knackered or injured in recent weeks but not sure Kinsella should be on the bench hes been the better of the two this season easily.

So no Fitzwater coming back then.Martin also off by looks of it. Regardless of whether you rate them as defenders or not there needs to be some explanation from DK about all this.

Think with the CMs he probably feels Osborune and Edwards have a bit more defensive nous to help out the back 4.

Mussa also on the bench today.