Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


Like I said deano is out of his depth not a clue can’t wait for his excuses he will say got a week to put it right on the training ground pack it up pal you are not a manager


Looking likely that our first and only chance of the next points on the board will be vs Rochdale on 2nd Feb, by which time we will be well and truly in the relegation zone.
As someone above said, JB’s reaction will be to sack Deano, thus placating any protest that may eventually appear on the terraces.
It needed protest on the pitch THIS afternoon in front of the Directors box at full time.
In the meantime they will sit on their hands and watch us get relegated, quoting that “a fall in gate receipts meant they had to abandon any team strengthening efforts”.


I was watching Soccer Saturday this afternoon. On going a goal down to Bolton at home on 58 minutes, Lee Johnson made a triple substitution and within a few minutes they had turned it around. Doesn’t always work, but we seem not to want or know how to change things around.


I’ll say in until I am blue in the face. We can’t keep blaming managers.


Deano not a clue to young and naive to be a decent manager wrap it it mate


He’s not coming back


We now have the worst form in league 1 over the past 15 matches… Yay 10 pts from a possible 45


Check out the goal difference over those 15!!


That was ■■■■ and I’m done.


I think we can on the match thread which is where we talk about the football and the decisions made before and during that individual football match.

The bigger picture needs addressing and actually dwarfs the importance of any individual game. There’s loads in other bits of the forum that quite adequately identifies where the big picture blame lies. But the place where we discuss individual games will consist of an appraisal of the manager and players rather than the board/owner/rent etc. Which feels right and why unlike other club’s forums it is good to have this one segmented in such a way.


Given the money yes. The trouble with Wilson, Osborne is that they are all we can afford - I.e dross.

The Fitzwater situation shows this. The club stated he would be coming back on a season long loan. Clearly no such contract existed, which can only be a result of the amateur way we operate.


Can’t wait for keates to come on we will go back to the training ground for a week put it right sorry deano we have had enough time to go mate


This has been going on since his earliest games. Remember AFC Wimbledon at home last season !!! 2-0 up, AFC changed it around at 1/2 time and we lost 3-2. He is just not learning and for me this failure to react is something that he cannot seem to do.

I think our early season success was based around the unknown quantities of Cook and Ferrier. As soon as teams learnt how to mostly nullify them our form faltered. Walsall legend or not, Keates needs to take a long hard look at himself and accept that he is part of our current predicament.


The difference between a club like Scunthorpe and our joke club is that when they found themselves in a hole, they went out and signed 5 decent, League 1 standard players. What will we do? Expect some more Ngoo’s and some 5th choice Centre-back from Wrexham. It’s all boll ux.


Agree wasn’t too impressed last season but this season start was great nowKeates looks like a rabbit in the headlights he just seems to berate the fourth official rather than players and why all of a sudden does he drop both Kinsella and Dobson


I have it on good authority from one of his former teachers that he is not the sharpest knife in the draw. Learning is a life long event and he does not seem to be doing it too well as a manager.


Just back. Abject. Lifeless. Bereft of ideas. And that was just Scunthorpe!

Roberts caught the two balls in the air that were near him, kicked well enough off the ground when passed back to, and fetched the ball out of the net competently when it was in there. Edwards tried to make things happen. Cook battled on the rare occasion the chance arose. Johnson is no worse that Fitzwater, on that display. Mussa is entirely blameless.

I have no desire to ever see Leahy, Guthrie, or Osbourne in a Walsall shirt ever again, at this moment in time.
I don’t see for the life of me what Gordon offers. He & Cook looked like complete strangers.
Wingers were largely anonymous. Ismail starts from a static position every time the ball finds his feet.

And Keates… I’m sorry, but 85 minutes to change it up? Not good enough.

What was going on in the away end before kick off? I looked, and they were all up the corner… looked again, and they’d shifted over 50 feet, en masse.

I’m somewhat despondent.


For me, when your team is behind and there are 20 plus minutes to final whistle, you must do something to change it. Mussa for Osbourne in 87th minute is not enough. Morris for Zeli, or Kouhyar for one defender, or Dobson to add some steel in midfield, that was some possibilities. Mussa? Well, why not as third sub, to kill some time. I think it looked similar to Dean Smith first seasons, when changing was seen as a something, that disrupts game. Of course sometimes it happens, but at least try to influence the game. What was to lose after 70th minute? Nothing. But it was great moment to learn something. To try something. If not, nothing would change.


Solihull away next season


We are rotten from top to bottom. I include Keates and the players in that. ■■■■ off Walsall. I’m done and won’t return until the protests against Bonser. Not arsed about the football anymore.