Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


Won’t give up yet but we are doomed


Shocking today. There were never 3500 Walsall fans in there either - not a chance.


Devlin can ■■■■ off too.

Cupping his ears to his own fans? Scottish ■■■■.


Keates is having a mare to be honest

Talking about slots all the time he is starting to panic like Whitney did when he used to go on about the press

You can’t hide it from fans by moving the issues onto jargon to try make it sound like you know what you are doing

We can see him on the touch line he looks devoid of ideas, there is no communicating and of course no in game management at all. So what does he bring to the table?

Time to bring in some help and let keates serve some time alongside more prominent and experienced motivator and organiser.

He has given me no indication whatsoever as to how we are going to get out of this rut


Its been said on Twitter that it was a reaction to recent pitch invasions from the away end.

Quite how condensing people in to a small space is going to reduce the likelihood of encroachment, I don’t know


I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just had enough and decides to walk.


Just stands with his hands in pockets


We are just replaying the last 2 seasons again however the outcome will be worse. I keep hearing about giving Keates time to build but let’s remember he went out and signed Osborne, Ismail and Fitzwater who had all been identified by Whitless. His pursuit and then the subsequent circus around Martin is comical! In fact I don’t think I trust Keates with this transfer window let alone the Summer. In addition having watched his subs and in game management today I am struggling to think of any redeeming features for his management of this team…actually I’ve just listened to him on WM, he is clueless!


From what I’m reading on here it strikes me that the players are now being affected by actions (or rumours of) off the pitch - it’s a recipe for relegation and frankly if we’re not careful, no one will be that bothered :confused:


he has been covering his eyes most of the season given the state of his defending!


It is almost a case of drop down and start again but as it is we will struggle then


Just net the first few rows off, it’s what other clubs do to minimise the risk.


That would involve buying nets. We can’t afford a squad never mind nets


If we purchased nets it’s unlikely we could find them that easily :flushed:


It’s full on relegation antics. Saying players will sign when they won’t, bringing in players then letting them go 2 months later, bringing in unfit players who are quite good but can’t do it all on their own…it’s desperate


VTo sum up our current problem I think we need to show more belief especially going forward

As anyone still got the flag?

Thought Devlin did some good marauding today

Scunthorpe provided some high quality bastardry just like the stuff we were drooling over early season where did it go?

We need more marauding a higher degree of bastardness


Keystone FC in the police league.

Proud to be a Saddler?


bloody hell i remember when we used to UNDERESTIMATE the crowd size to cheat the tax man. and now we are overestimating ?:joy:


I value your opinions generally even if I don’t always agree but you really need to think about this obsession. By all accounts, Devlin was again one of the few to emerge with any credit and scored a goal. He gives 110% in every match even if he isn’t the most gifted in the team. You’re directing your ire at the wrong target.


The more you try & look at that game objectively, the worse it gets.

Scunthorpe offered no discernable threat in 95 minutes. Absolutely none. Half the division could’ve made a sporting agreement not to cross the halfway line in our position today, & come away with a point.