Season end Thank you

Independent saddlers supporters association

Now the season has ended and we have recovered. From Saturdays horror show , all involved with Issa would like to to say a massive thank you to each and everyone of you

Thank you for packing the railway club. out pre every Saturday home game and again after the game , A true reflection on what a supporters club should actually be. And as the saying goes. We’re gonna need a bigger club house. lol, But as you are all aware. Plans for the new clubhouse are well underway And hopefully building work will commence soon, and at some point next season you will be In far more luxurious surroundings pre game

Thank you to everyone who travelled the country with us cheering the lads on despite some very grim performances at times , It’s the hope that kills you , but once a saddler always a saddler and the travel service will resume again next season
As we do it all again

Thank you to Richard Puskas Lavender and all, his staff at majestic travel. For supplying the coaches that have ferried us around all season.

Thanks to Jane. For sorting. All travel arrangements And pre match stop off bookings

Thank. You to every club that has accommodated us on our away days

Thanks to all involved with the railway club for there continued support

Thanks to our commercial sponsors / partners for everything they do

But as always a massive thank you to you the fans who back Issa in everything we do And support our Work within the comunity Alongside our charity work

Just this last. season alone we have put £15,000 Back into the comunity and charity donations. , so each and everyone. Who has ever travelled. On the Issa coach service, attended the railway club, brought raffle tickets , had a go on the football cards etc etc etc. sponsored events. Or made financial. Donations it’s your generosity. That has enabled us to do what we do and is what makes Issa. The massive sucsess it is. and the biggest supporter based membership group associated with the club So al, take a bow as it’s down to you guys That we are able to do what we do

It’s the love of Walsall fc that despite differing opinions binds us together

See you all next season As we do it all again


Hey Olly great set up in the club. Sorry that I’ve only used it pre Tuesday home games of late but I’ll deffo make more of an effort next season.

Always welcome pal
Bern. Nice seeing you. This season pal