Season over

Sad to say, but I think we can write this season off. I don’t think we will see football again until August, I hope I’m wrong, but until they get this virus in check and start testing en masse, I don’t see any other solution.
Like most of you, I’m absolutely starved for any sporting event, particularly football - online tiddlywinks will do at this point.

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Question is, will they scrap the leagues or declare these positions as final.

I would anticipate legal action over either, considering the amounts of money involved.

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This season is surely over. I doubt crowds will be allowed at games or other mass events this year myself. I look on my purchase of a season ticket now as an act of charity supporting my club.

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Indeed. Both the last four games of 19/20 and 20-21 season tickets are donations in my eyes.

The idea from the Bristol Rovers leak is a shocker. There’s no logic to it other than pandering to those clubs that had cash, or who’d borrowed heavily with the hope of promotion to pay their debts.

Walsall fans should have no sympathy for them.

The whole season should be written off. Start again next time, whenever that is. It’ll be hard times till then, for sure, but to imply results now is clutching at straws.

At this unprecedented time we shouldn’t lose sight of what is the most important thing - denying Liverpool the Premier League title. Declare the season null and void, and start next season with everyone where they were at the start of this season, obviously without Bury in their division.
Any points deductions that stood at the start of last season should be carried over and should stand again.
I’d allow players to keep their appearances and goals scored, but Club records would be expunged, although the League Cup would count as it was completed. This would give Man City a trophy from this season, and Liverpool nothing. :rofl:

All joking aside, and my contempt for Liverpool also left aside, I think a cancellation is the best way. Points per game is terrible, behind closed doors is terrible, neutral grounds is also a terrible idea, scrapping things is the least terrible idea, in my opinion, and allows football to retain a little dignity. But money will talk and the Premier League will probably be completed somehow.


I can’t see much wrong with the suggestion to finish the season as it is, and keep titles and promotions, but don’t relegate anyone… seems that would annoy the least number of teams (except those just missing promotion).

Also means people can start thinking about next season: I heard the idea that in a worst case scenario there could be a half-season next year, starting after Christmas to make it more likely theres no distancing. Then there could be regional half leagues (e.g., two leagues of 12 = League 2, top 1 or 2 promoted, bottom 1 relegated) just for one season before getting back to normal in 2021

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