Season Ticket Compensation Packages

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Option 1 for me.


And for me too…

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No question - Option 1.

Option 1 for me

Option one for me.

Option one has some fantastic incentives. I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken them for most to let them keep the money but hopefully persuades a few more too.

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Option 1, no question!

Don’t forget everyone, to email the club as soon as possible with your intentions, the sooner the better for budgeting etc.


Email done - Option 1 - no brainer…

Option 1 emailed. Think the options were as fair as they could be,

Option 1 for me. However, a few ‘pint and a pie’ tokens wouldnt go amiss.


Option one for our four

Called the ticket office this morning, lucky enough to be in a position to be able to choose option 1.

Be great if as many as possible can go with that, appreciating not everyone will be able to!

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Option one no brained.

Hope I’m wrong but suspect the response on here may give us the wrong impression, most on UTS are very dedicated fans and very supportive.
Wait and see I suppose.


I agree. Us lot are at the extreme end of support. Often people think the most extreme supporters are “the lads” but if you do a Tuesday night away game in some far flung part of the country you see the two hundred and they are definitely not “the lads”.

And there is also some self selecting here too. We feel good about declaring option 1. Those who have to or choose to go option 3 will probably do so quieter as the narrative is already that “real fans do option 1”.

I for one would not judge anybody for whatever choice they make and for whatever reason.

And I’m proud to support a club who have moved so quickly and equitably on this.


Good post…the real answer to this is to get folk back into stadiums in reasonable numbers in COVID secure conditions as soon as possible. The government have just bailed out the National league to the tune of £20 million!! I want the National League to survive but for the government to spending “our” money on it is very wrong.


I only got a st when we went into lockdown having dropped a longstanding one in protest at Bonser and being unsure on Pomlett. While still not being absolutely sure on the true effective ownership of the club, I’ve too much emotion invested with the Saddlers to not do my bit now so option 1. However, the economy is so ■■■■ now I’d not judge anyone who needs the £260+ back

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Yeah I saw a comment on facebook saying “any REAL supporter will chose option 1” I didn’t respond because I have learned I don’t need to respond to every single post that bugs me.

I don’t even have a season ticket. If I did the most likely option I would choose would be 1. However I have had absolutely nothing in my life at various stages, I know what it feels like. If things were bad enough I’d choose option 3 and not really feel that bad about it. Whichever I chose I definitely would consider myself a REAL supporter, think enough time has been served. Someone could have been to every game for the last 50 years but really need the money back to put food on the table it is as simple as that.

It is admirable the way fans have reacted to the current situation it really is and it shows how much we all love Walsall F.C. I do feel as WalsallOne said above though, there are other places money should be coming from and getting fans back in grounds shouldn’t just be dismissed and forgotten about.