Season Ticket for sale

I have a season ticket in Homeserve Lower for sale if anyone would like to buy it.
I bought it during the early bird promotion, but due to taking a new job, I will be unable to go to matches next season.
I’ve already made 2 payments towards it, so if you want it, it’s yours for £225, or, I can transfer the payments into your name, and continue the monthly payments of £25

Careful you don’t get knocked over in the rush, fella. :smile:

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At least you have a ticket to sell.

We purchased our early bird main stand tickets and are still waiting for them

They don’t post them out any more. You have to go to the ticket office to collect them.

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Any takers?

You might get a sniff if we sign Messi or Renaldo, but don’t hold your breath

I’d want more than £225 off you to take it off your hands.


WFC doesn’t provide much of a service. Won’t even post shirts to Hong Kong.

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Just phoned about tickets before I ventured down there.

I have now been told by the ticket office, that it will be another week at least before they have the season ticket books for the main stand.


Oh no, this is Walsall FC, I should be used to the awful service they offer by now.

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Presumably they can’t pay the printers yet?

Any takers before I cancel the finance and get a refund?
Just need to get a letter to the club from my employer to say I work Saturdays and they’ll refund any payments I’ve made.

Still available if anyone wants to be involved in the dawn of the new era…post Bonser

That could be the topic of an interesting new suggestion thread :wink:

Jeff might want it now.