Season Ticket Update


Has anyone any idea when the next mail will be sent for people to download season ticket to their phone?

I haven’t got this wallet or pay thing set up on my phone. Can you just download it without these things?

Not sure about that

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I saved my tickets in Books on my iPhone.
It’s worked so far.
Not sure if it will be different when the ST is available to save on my phone.

Mine is just a motorola smart phone so I am hoping it will just download to the phone. If not I will request a card.

There are Android apps that you can download to save them in. As the e-tickets are from Ticketmaster then you might be able to use their app. I’ve searched on the official site, but there isn’t much info as yet on the downloads, it normally comes as a QR code.

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Download Google pay store everything on there

When buying the season tickets it was said we’d get an email with the instructions to download it.
So as the latest update says they’re about to start sending those emails I suggest people just wait until they get it instead of speculating. :man_shrugging:

Was expecting to have an e-season ticket but our season ticket cards have arrived in the post today.

How are our sales going? Just read that Vale have sold 4500 season tickets.

We probably sold about half of that .
How port vale have sold 4,500 is absolutely mental it’s a doss hole place burslem no money around the team is crap and they are in league 2, We had to get to championship level to sell the same amount.


There is loads of money in Burslem but it’s not theirs. :wink:


Vale seem to be getting there act together now especially off the pitch . Getting supporters interested and excited about there club. I read that of those 4500 ST sales over a 1000 were for kids . They are building a bigger and better fan base by looking after their own .Apart from their choice of manager they have it spot on and their owners are doing a great job.

It’s Very impressive they basically won’t get a gate below 5,000 all season as long as all the season ticket holders turn up , That’s something only Pomlett could dream of at Walsall unfortunately.


They have good owners ,They own there ground ( no rent ) and 4500 season tickets holders and a prat of a manager who will mess it all up😂


With all that said I wouldn’t say they have a better wage budget than ourselves. Considering all the extra income from season ticket sales and being rent free

Vale are going to be up there in the mix next year, whether we like it or not.

Rceived today, 1 X Season Ticket plastic card. :grinning:


My e-ticket has just arrived by email.

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