Season Ticket

Once again, this season I bought an Early Bird season ticket, thinking my boss would let me have Saturdays off.
I was wrong!
Does anyone want to buy my season ticket at Early Bird price, before i return to the club for a refund?

Your boss is a git.

Which stand is it for and how much is it ?

He shouldn’t presume without asking imo.

Are you his boss?

Is your boss not a football fan then?

Or even worse… a Dingle.

I think most boss’s are going to get more stringent after this pandemic, there are a few exceptions i suppose, but they are there to either make money or climb the ladder, i am sooooo glad i am out of it now.
I was reading an article the other day that there had been 1000 applicants for one job at a brewery, takes me back to the 80’s when they were demanding that applicants for bin men had to have O levels.

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He’s a Coventry fan!!

Pre Covid, I was having Saturdays off. Doing a 4 day week. Now, I can’t afford to drop an extra day, and working in a restaurant, and the only chef now, Saturdays off are pretty rare

Homeserve lower.
£250, same as i paid for it.
But obviously, I don’t have tickets in hand yet

Might be :face_with_monocle:

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That’s not good

To be fair, I do live in Nuneaton, so most people are Coventry fans

Tell him that he’s benefitted from the eat out to help out scheme so he needs to let you watch us to help out the club every other Saturday

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Is it a top end restaurant mate or a pub?

Around Coventry that’s one and the same thing! :joy:


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Top end restaurant, in Coventry? Really lol.
Nah mate it’s a pub, but it’s 90% food led. Not a ‘drinkers’ pub.
And none of this microwave crap, all freshly cooked by my own fair hands

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Forgot to mention, this also includes a free kids season ticket!

Any takers, before I send back to the club on Tuesday?