Season Tickets 21/22

I tried all day on and off on both Thursday and Friday of last week to call the ticket office. Every time I went onto hold and eventually it just cut off.

In the end I gave £6.25 to ticketmaster for my 5 tickets for tonight’s game.

Looks like that’s the route the club want fans to go down.

I think there needs to be a mix of online ticketing and traditional window buying. A large group will prefer to buy online so the queues should only be for people preferring the more traditional way. I don’t think it will work being just online especially if you have to pay for the privilege.

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Well I’ve just managed to get my Albion game tickets on the third day of trying , I’m not willing to pay the transaction fees online , I think it needs addressing .Also if you need booking history and are a new or potential new fan trying to get hold of tickets,How on earth do you get one :thinking:


This is why I think it’ll only be for friendlies and will be different during the regular season.

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I think that’s what they intend to do and what I think would make sense.

If it’s the case though, I think they could have told everyone in advance so it avoided confusion.

It appears at the moment they’re doing it game by game and issuing a set of guidelines prior to each game which is amended since the last one.

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Just been talking to a neighbour who’s moved into Pelsall a few years back from London , my lad goes to school with the neighbours kids ,They are keen on going to a few games and are showing a particular interest in Walsall being as they live here ,But only trouble is there mom Just told me there dad doesn’t want to know unless it’s a prem team to take them too ,when I offered to take them all to come along with me🙄, I think the club is coming on leaps and bounds and trying to modernise its self but shouldn’t these be the people they should be tapping into , The lads interest comes from the school tickets they gave out past few seasons ,the club now should be targeting these people now schools etc ,really push on , I know it’s difficult thru Covid but there’s other ways of linking up with schools and the wider community.To many plastic fans out there ,let’s change this Walsall fc


So the ‘fast track’ period ends today. What even is the point of having a fast track period anyway? Surely nobody is going to buy a season ticket at the more expensive rate after today, if they haven’t already done so.

We don’t have a home league game until 14th August, why not just sell at the original prices until then. A nice win at Tranmere and we could tempt a few more but at hiked up prices I’d feel mugged off buying at that point.

It makes sense in March, really doesn’t at the end of July.

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I’d take the opposite opinion really.
When people have been given an extra 4 months to decide if they want a season ticket for this season right up to 2 weeks before the season starts at the cheaper rate, not sure they have a reason to feel mugged off. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, fair point.

It’s a way of getting money earlier rather than later cash flow I suppose.