Season Tickets 22/23

Alright, it’s ONLY January, and we might be surprised (probably unlikely) with some mega signings or a massive upturn in form where we get promoted into League One, but tune in to reality again for a moment…

Season Tickets:

a) If you’re a current ST holder, are you likely to renew for next season?
b) If you’re not a ST holder this season, are you likely to get one next season?

Read the question too, as of right now will you get a ST for next year?

What reasons for / against getting a ST do you have?

At this moment, are you going to be getting a ST for 22/23?
  • Yes
  • No

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Personally as of now, I won’t be renewing. I’m sick of all noise about giving it a good go, or having a competitive budget, etc. etc., and it just isn’t enjoyable any more as it stands.


Can we have a ‘not sure, depends on the transfer window’ added to the options?

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No, but you could always answer it after the Transfer Window if you like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I can’t not go to a Home game, unless I’m away on holiday, or there is some dire family emergency. If I didn’t buy an ST I couldn’t stay at home, so I might as well buy one and save some money. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the current regime, but it’s what I will do.


The thing for me is that I would usually work 5 out of every 6 Saturday’s, which doesn’t stop me getting to the home games, but it is a rush to get done at work, changed, and back out to get to the ground for 2:45. It’s a 40 mile round trip for me (not a lot in comparison to others), but with such a rushed morning I question why I’d want to do it to watch what we are being served currently and wasting my whole Saturday.

Chances are I’ll end up swaying the other way and getting a ST again, but it’s demoralising and unenjoyable, and it would be more to do with seeing my mates.

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Assuming the prices are similar then you only have to go to about 13 games to break even on what you would pay on a match day. Even if it is rubbish, me and my lad would go to more games than that anyway so it makes sense to get one.

Plus you get first dibs at tickets when we get a big team in the cup… okay maybe not :see_no_evil:

I don’t think it will be an easy sell this time around though unless we do some good business before the end of the window and show some signs of improvement.


As I put on the other thread, I find it a chore. The play it from the goalie to the defenders, across the back, back to the goalie annoys me together with being in a good attacking position only to see the ball back with our goalie. It is all so boring and we lose far too often.

It’s kind of like Dean Smith at the start. Nice to see we are trying to play football, but nothing happening with it. Maybe next season we will see something better from it.

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That’s true. Suppose it depends it people can even be arsed to make the effort 13 times. Right now, I’m not so sure.

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At the moment no.
My first season ticket due to minimum wage and a family to look after and it took me time to save up for one as a treat to myself.
Isn’t worth the money, the bitterness I feel after ever rubbish performances and having to work 7-21 with the match in the middle so work let me go .
Gutted it wasn’t worth it I truly am, I was so excited


In all honesty mate, if it wasn’t for the fact George has really taken to it, I probably wouldn’t bother myself. The range of emotions you go through are so predictable. Very few highs, mostly frustration and disappointment.

Still, I do love Walsall F.C despite what I said above.


As Taylor often says that the fans can see what we are trying to do and buy into it, perhaps a poll could be set up asking ‘Who enjoys watching the style of football we play?’

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I worked shifts for years and it was a pain arranging things so I wouldn’t miss games. That’s partly why I can’t just miss a game now for no reason. All that effort in the past, it seems daft now not to go when I can.
I know what you mean though, I stopped going to away games because it just got to be a chore and I was getting fed up.
Incidentally my round trip is about 50 miles, I wonder which ST holder has the longest journey?

@P.T @geordiesaddler @Cumbria-Saddler not sure if these are ST’s but further than us to travel that’s for sure.

I had one for a few years whilst living up here back in the 90’s and 00’s.
Just talked myself out of Scunny away, having done the same with Col U at home (despite being in the area) having missed Carlisle due to the weather/public transport despite having bought unrefunded tickets, and also last minute bombed out of Kings Lynn when my finger was literally on the “buy tickets” button on the trainline. I’m not actually sure what’s going on. Havn’t lost the love or the interest - I watched every friggin game on I-Follow of last season’s borefest at a cost of over £400 quid, so its not the money. Its almost as though this regime have “can’t be bothered” magic dust that they somehow sprinkle on those of us that have enthusiasm.


100% I’ll be renewing, football on a Saturday helps with my mental health and gives me days out to look forward to.

Can’t go back to watching on ifollow every week again like last season :laughing:


As things stand, I wouldn’t renew my season ticket.

I haven’t really enjoyed what I’ve been watching for a few years and I don’t see any signs of that changing soon.

I haven’t wanted to renew from an enjoyment perspective and only relented because I wanted to support Pomlett in what I thought was going to be a new “liberated” club. The visible evidence post takeover regrettably shows little or no improvement overall.

My season ticket represents good value in terms of cost, but very poor value in terms of entertainment. As an individual I don’t feel in the slightest bit valued. I can’t say that I’ve lost interest in the club, but I’m at a low ebb with it.

I would possibly feel better about the last two and a half seasons if I had simply donated the cost of the season tickets to the club and not bothered attending to witness the football. I’ve just been clinging on in the hope of improvement and by the embers of habit.

A few wins would no doubt set me back on track, such is the in-built attachment.

In an irrational contrast to what I’ve just said, I would be more inclined to purchase an attractively priced Away Season Ticket, if such a thing could be developed between all of the clubs in the league. Like everyone, having seen us struggle away from home over many years, I have become accustomed to having a low expectation of our chances of success and I used to be satisfied if we at least scored a goal. It somehow seemed to make the journey home a little easier to bear. To now have a low expectation of our chances of success at home, is getting too much.


Personally I would just pick and choose my games based on opposition and form.

I think that’s all the club deserves.

I’m a Season ticket holder.

96 miles each way. Nearly all motorway so if they are behaving then an hour and a half each way. Unfortunately, the M6 in particular has behaved worse and worse over the years. So my home match day is more like midday until seven rather than the one o’clock until six thirty it was a couple of decades ago. Which is a shame because a six thirty home time used to be about the same as the neighbours who went to Liverpool games. Which was a neat trick, albeit testament to Anfield where the local infrastructure struggles to cater for the huge influx of match day folk.

Talking of infrastructure, the train used to be fairly viable too. But once Virgin stopped doing Liverpool to the south west via Wolvo and the Wolvo to Walsall train stopped being a thing (it’s still a thing to be fair, just via Brum) it became quite painful. Which is a shame because matchday on the rail network is good fun. Bump into all sorts.

I don’t do every home game. Family stuff and general enthusiasm tend to mean it’s a 15-20 range. Per @geordiesaddler i can feel my enthusiasm decreasing and as the season inevitably peters out then so will my attendance. The club have got my money so it won’t matter. But it should. If I’m waning then it’s definitely totemic of a general “meh” which will definitely find its way out of the Walsall coffers.