Season Tickets 24/25

It’s available for those who don’t pay by direct debit as well.

I expect a moderate 5% or so increase across the board.

I have a season ticket but for the first time I don’t really care about missing games
Just so disenchanted with it all, I go because I’ve paid not because i really want to
I will go Saturday but probably give next Tuesday a miss and do something else with my evening
Just doesn’t feel the same you know ?


Correct, my bad.

In the current financial climate the club need to think very carefully about a price increase, as we could lose a lot of fans. Happy about the direction off the pitch,but need to see more on the pitch before committing to a season ticket :tickets:

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Trivela have made positive steps off the field. But lets face it, it has been carnage at the club for the last few years and the fanbase have been asked to swallow an awful lot. The goodwill has been astonishing, but the fans, for the most part, still hold beleif in Trivela - myself included


This football club desperately needs some form of success on the football field very, very soon. I think there’s a few posts above that illustrate this.

Its heartbreaking that a whole generation of supporters have not seen us outside this Division, or even challenge in this Division. It can only go on like this for so long before a lot of people do say enough is enough


It’s also heartbreaking some of us long time, lifelong supporters that have seen some decent teams over the years and enjoyed some success with some great cup runs and promotions, are now questioning whether they are still committed to the club, and if they will go anymore.


i’ m a 66 years old season ticket holder for a few years and have suffered like a lot of people over the years but for the first time in a long time i’m seriously thinking of not bothering next season due to the poor manager and boring football that’s on show, the price is not a problem because it’s good value for the over 60’s and i can fortunately afford it but i can’t see us going anywhere other than mid table for the next couple of year’s,the current manager is out of his depth.


Having similar thoughts. Season ticket holder for more years than i can remember and being over 60 the season ticket is great value.
However i just dont see any consistant plan of what Sadler is trying to do and cant see it being any different next season.

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If this season falls away as recent weeks suggest there needs to be some real signs of intent during a generous early bird scheme … eg … sacking Sadler in May (if not April) and signing 3 or 4 real quality players before end of June would be a starter for 10. The likelihood is that if none of the above happens, I will procrastinate for a few weeks and then stick my hand in my pocket yet again … it’s the very slim hope that kills you!

I’m sure we said all this last season

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I’m still a few but only a few years away from the 60 mark so don’t get that discount. Seadon ticket holder for decades, but any sort of price increase this year will probably be the end of it for me.

Happy with general direction off the pitch though I spend a fraction of what I used to with the club given the pricing now, don’t buy food or drinks there used to buy both every match, didn’t renew by parking pass this year.

Not happy with what’s on the pitch, I get we are building but like so many others can’t see what and as Sads doesn’t bother telling us or give us much of a club in his interviews can’t justify paying even more in some vein hope that this time it will be different.

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That’s why I didn’t renew. Exactly how I felt the second half of last season.


I’m 72, I pay full price for my Season ticket because I sit in the middle of the Tile Choice stand as thats where best view is and there’s no concession price in there.
I will definitely renew next year during the early bird whatever they charge.
It’s my team. End of.


I salute your resilience sir.

Next season will be my 60th year attending and supporting the saddlers.
Proud to do so.


Well put mate you are just behind me…next season will be my 68th since I saw my first game and 66th since being a regular fan. I must admit these last few years have been very poor compared to lot of what I have witnessed in the past. My biggest concern is how the previous regime allowed the Youth system to whither away. I cannot recall a time when we had so few lads to bring into the first team squad. I live in hope that all the work which has been done to change things there will pay off.


And I’m not doing it next season. Had enough. Got a lot of betterr things to be spending a few hundred quid on

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Steady on Locky, we’re both still young at heart although after a night on the pop with you i feel like im approaching 80 for three days afterwards :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Not really sure im gonna attend another game this season… let alone next (even though im a season ticket holder). im just really not enjoying it anymore… constant ruining of weekends and nights… almost zero entertainment value… club really has no ambition and i feel is happy to stagnate…i feel after 28years of supporting them its taking its toll… its not just my nights and weekends im ruining as its my families aswell… more often then not angry after watching another dull game… suppose its my fault for expecting anything different… fair play to the people who have done 40.50…60years of this