Season Tickets


New supplier - not available until W/C 23rd July. Cutting it a bit fine - what could possibly go wrong…


Had an update when I called the ticket office yesterday to get friendly/Tranmere/Scunthorpe tickets. Not only a new supplier, remember that they’ve also changed stand names (HomeServe is now the name of what to me will always be the Gilbert Allsop end, rather than the OAP & Prawn Sandwich Brigade stand on the side like it has been for the past few years) so apparently they will need to reprint the inserts and manually swap them.


Well there isn’t much wriggle room - only a week or so before the 1st match. Lets hope it doesn’t turn out like last seasons replica shirt saga.
I wonder what would happen if they didn’t get them on time - just a thought.


Does the OAP Stand have a new sponsor yet? Possible reason for the delay.


I remember a few years ago when the season tickets books wern’t ready for the first game. They gave us a single match ticket to use.


The Dignitas Stand




That’s ageist.I think coffin dodgers or something similar would be a fairer view.


The Whitney stand - lest we forget…


Still waiting was originally told start of June then start of July then ready for 23rdJuly (tomorrow) but not been contacted.Uncle Jeff has probably saved 10p a book if he waited until every club in the land had theirs first.


Just had an email saying they’re available from midday today.


yep, me too!
I won’t be able to pick mine up until the day of the Plymouth game. I bet there’s going to be a massive queue :pensive:


Go early and get a drink in the Saddlers club…oh wait…


Still no email but saw on club site available from 12 so been and got them nobody else there.


Got email and collected ticket after a short wait. Ticket staff very helpful and keen to help


So the tickets were ready exactly as when originally stated?
Some people want to moan about the club for any reason


Not moaning Stonnallsaddler just stating facts and no they were not on time as originally stated when I renewed I was told they would be ready start of June so nearly 2 months late.
I still have not had email so if I did not look on site every day would still not aware that they were ready.


You can’t use 'em 'till the 4th August anyway. So even if you got them earlier they would just be sat in the drawer so what difference does it make?


Maybe it was more to do with the club promising something and then not delivering on the promise? a bit of a moral issue. And it’s not as if we haven’t seen that before. :wink: