Season tickets

I know someone who would be interested in buying a half season ticket as it looks like we might get spectators in soon. Does anyone know if the club are thinking of selling them this season?

Not been mentioned.

I’m gonna suggest they won’t though as I don’t think the club see us being in Tier 1 before the season is out. In Tier 2, the amount of ST holders we have is just about enough to get everyone with one in at the 2000 limit.

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Unlikely, I would have thought. With a 2000 limit we might just about get all the existing season ticket holders in, more would create headaches for the club.


I see the club are talking about book collections.


Antiquated even by non league standards but during a pandemic anything that can act as a vector is bad news.

Be nice if the West Midlands goes tier two this week but doubt it will happen. All the focus seems to be on London and a general sense of tiers either staying where they are or getting more draconian (esp in the south).

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Going by Midlands today on Friday, they thought Warwickshire up to Solihull might reached the hallowed grounds of tier 2 but rest of Midlands and Staffordshire will stay in 3 for another few weeks (and probably well into February tbh).

“Normality by Easter” so would be hugely disappointing not to get at least 2k back in for final 5-6 games of the season which would be exciting for possible top 7 push but long way to go for that.

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Just picked my season ticket up apparently I’m in the away end, does that mean I have to support the away team :thinking::wink:.

What was the queue like? I’m thinking of going over tomorrow.

Cant go down for mine have just been tested positive for covid bloody great but just phoned the club at least in the same block just a few rows forward FL3

No queue no one about

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What’s the rush? Won’t be used (if at all) until the spring.


I think you’re right, there is no rush but when the time comes that we’re given the ok, it may be a very short time to get season tickets out. If the government had announced last Thursday that we were going into tier 2 the club would have had less than 48 hours to sort out 2,000 season ticket holders before the Vale game on Saturday. Imagine the (socially distanced) queues we’d have had on Friday! By offering people the chance to get them now, that queue is reduced when the time comes.

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Fully agree with you.
Less time queuing for my season ticket will give me more time to queue for a pint, queue for chips and even more time to queue for the bog later.
Hopefully I won’t miss too much of the game when the time comes.

Well if they are already printed and ready to go, might as well be gathering dust in our houses as in the club office I suppose.

Anyway, my dad’s picked up ours - different seats to our usual ones, but in the same stand and not too far away.

No queue when I collected mine, this afternoon.

Only a couple of people there when I went to get mine. Club shop open too which has been very busy according to the lady in there.

I don’t think we will get to any matches at all this season. I suspect we’ll be in tier 4 after Xmas.

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I think you’re probably right. Picked up my season ticket at lunchtime, literally no one else there.

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Lunchtime news featured yet another medical person saying just that. Tier 4 ie full lock down nationally after Christmas. Here in Herefordshire which had 45 cases per 100 k when we were lowered to tier 1 is now up to 93 per100k and new infections doubled in the week up to 17th.

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Seems like a waste of money getting full season ticket books printed as I can’t see many tickets being used.