Selling Cheap

Have to admire Peterborough putting 5 million price tag on Jonson Clarke-Harris. I know Adebayo was out of contract in the summer and I’m not suggesting he’s worth anywhere near 5 million but he was worth more than we let him leave for.
When will we ever learn .

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We’ve always let our players leave for cheap and then the club after us gets the big transfer fee. Our model based on paying the rent so anything over 500k it’s a done deal regardless who we’ve got

We are nicknamed Smallsall for a reason.

Small mentality and small ambitions.


Nothing new, look at the pathetic fee we sold Fryatt to Leicester City for years back in a season where they were desperate to try and stay up in the division above. £375k…Laughable.


He wanted to leave, so it was selling him now for peanuts, or waiting to see him go somewhere for free. From a business point of view, it was a very good deal (despite having a rather bad hand). From a sporting point of view not so much, so better it won’t come later and bite. I have no complaints he has been sold. Selling players is a normal thing for every club. He wasn’t properly replaced, that’s a bigger issue, unfortunately can’t be fixed now. Only I hope in the future, the sporting director will handle it better. Or maybe not.


The full list from the FA shows that we are far from being the lowest spenders

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Three of the 5 transactions seem to be payments to agents of players we already had - Kinsella, Bates and Perry. The other 2 are to the agents of Rose and Holden. Does anyone know why we would be paying for the first three?

renewed contracts

OK thanks

I’m at the front of the queue to question our Chairman normally.

We can’t complain about taking a fee for a player when we were comfortably mid table And his contract was up in the Summer.

We can point fault at the

  • Timing So late in the window
  • Total absence of succession planing (DoF might have helped !)
  • Quality of replacements
  • his choice of manager and then sticking with him and we slide in to the national league
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The Peterborough model is one that we should be following, once we’re back in League 1. I heard Barry Fry recently state that they had made upwards of £50 Million over the last 10 years through player sales.
What they do seems quite simple:

  1. Scout the non-leagues for decent attacking talent.
  2. Identify target(s) & sign them up.
  3. Give the player(s) a multi-year contract.
  4. Coach, develop & play these players in their preferred positions.
  5. Watch the player(s) score shed-loads of goals.
  6. Sell the player(s) a year or 2 later for a massively inflated fee.

Of course, due to their success at bringing players on, Peterborough now have an enviable USP as a destination for hungry, talented players.

We could be the same. There are plenty of decent non-league teams on our patch plus, we should really be scouting all of the development teams that our “larger” neighbours have. There are definitely gems that don’t make the cut in these teams. We should be sweeping them up.

As far as agents fees go; I don’t understand why football clubs pay them. Surely an agent is employed by the player, so the player should pay their fees??


It could be pushed even higher. Concentrate on coaching one position, invest in good coaches, be a club coaching well defenders or wingers or keepers or so on, find local players who have some talent on this position and after a few years it can bring some earnings and one transfer fee can cover rent for plus 10 years. I know it requires some investments, but it is risk worth taking.


Don’t think the club can be blamed for the January sales & in many ways they did good business.

However, the issue is, the lack of replacements in the squad/youth ranks, to replace those sold or purchases/loans to do so. Which has been the case for virtually every player we have ever sold.

This comes down to the lack of a plan and lack of finances.

Of course the £8k a week we spend on rent, would make all the difference. #thatoldchesnut


Good post …Agree mate the Peterborough way is definitely the way to go and they seem to be doing it really well . A good team of scouts and extra coaches is essential though and as I have said before it doesn’t have to cost a fortune as supporters with a degree of football knowledge I’m sure would go and watch a game or 2 a week as long as there travelling costs were covered.

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Indeed, there’s a lot of untapped goodwill out there that the club could use. Just needs a bit of organising.

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Back to the topic

At the moment Walsall Football Club is struggling with the football bit of the Business

Maybe we all need to calm down

Referring to agents fees, Paul Scally has the right approach: