Sad news but he’s a fighter , sending our best wishes for speedy recovery’l


Sad news but lets hope he gets through the treatment successfully and makes a full recovery. :+1:

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Sad news, I’m wishing him all the very best!!

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All the best Shakey.

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That’s very sad news. Wishing him all the best with his treatment and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. A true Walsall legend who I had the pleasure of watching many times

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All the best Shakey, always been a fighter, lets hope you can fight this.
I met him a few years ago in the star in Burntwood, we had a good chat after i told him that i had worked at his moms in Pheasey

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Good luck to Shakey one of the saddlers all time great players. Any player who could get into the “Bucks” team must be good . Craig is a fighter that’s for sure and that can only be a positive for him.

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All the best Shakey - gew and smash it!

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Yes best wishes Craig…hope your treatment succeeds and you are soon well again.

We’re all with you shakey all the best

C’mon Shakey! You can beat this!

All the best to Shake on his cancer journey.

All the best shakey … you got this :+1:

All the best to you Shakey. Hope all goes well.

All the best Craig. Battle well just like you did on the pitch.