Shay Facey signs

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New right back then

Left back needed now along with centre half

He’s a real old timer too,well,compared to most of the other signings anyway.

How is your “whelmdness” with respect to this one Sid?

Over, under or just whelmed?


So, our defence as it stands:







Wrexham fans thought they were signing him last month… New signing report - - Wrexham

I didn’t expect another right back. Thought we’d settle for Norman, so this is more positive.

Always a bit concerned with signing players that have “something to prove” at 24 and that need to be told to believe in themselves.

I suppose we will see.

Even,not over and not under :expressionless:

I am underwhelmed by your lack of whelmedness :smile:

Not too bad, young enough for DC to improve and has experience at this level and a good pedigree

Be interesting to see what Northampton fans thought of him there last season

You leave my whelmedness alone,it’s mine…:pleading_face:

Welcome Shay…hope you do well for us. UTS


I like this signing. A young player with pedigree and enough experience, if not as much as we would all desire.

I like the fact he had a random loan spell at Heerenveen.


Why was he released by Northampton?

I don’t know.

Players move on all the time. They released ten players at the end of the season.

I’ll be honest,I had to google him,never heard of him before.The thing that stands out for me is that he played 38 times for the Cobblers,so can’t be that bad.Or can he?

Pleased with this. Good acquisition

Just had a look through a few Twitter comments from Northampton fans, general consensus is that he started really well and looked a talented player but faded away as the season went on

They all say he cant cross for toffee, but we are all used to that from fullbacks by now :laughing: