Shirt appeal

Independent saddlers supporters association

Is there anyone on here who is still in possession of the. Original.
Red or blue deeleys castings shirt.

There where two designs of this strip one contained. A club badge. In the form of a transfer, and the other. Contained no club crest at all just carried the deeleys castings. Logo across chest

If anyone has. One of either design your help would be greatly apreciated

Got a contact email for people to get in touch? I’ve put this on UTS Facebook but your info is limited…

I have one of the red ones they re-released several years later. Cloth badge, transfers for Deeley’s castings

[email protected],com
Thank you for helping exile

Hi mate. Yes that re release was a totally different material to original one mate, The original one was same material as our white Highgate one ,

God himself seen wearing it here. As we can see no club badge on this version

Another. Quirk to this one is this. Strip was the first ever to contain front of shirt sponsorship. , deeleys where Walsall,s very first shirt sponsors image

Yep. Fleecy lining so still wear it for winter games!