Shop website


The website has now been down for 3 weeks or so? Very occasionally it pops up for me but 99% down. Very professional. I assume everyone else experiences this?


I get the same.
It’s been down for weeks.
You’d assume that given they’ve just announced new kits it would be a priority to get it sorted!


Yep shocking. Who should one complain to about this state of affairs?


Either Stef Gamble or Dan Mole. I have emailed them before always had replies.


Ok, I have sent an e-mail.


As is the case with ticketing, the online shop seems to run on an separate platform from the rest of the (greatly improved) club website. Wouldn’t be surprised if the club are battling it out with the third party who provide the online shop software, rather than it being an internal issue.


Maybe, I’ll let you know if there is a reply.


UTS managed a whole new site migration in less time


But managed to lose Slightly Off Topic along the way :wink:


And then it appeared as if by magic😄


After my question, the answer (the text of which is the same as the reply I got from Daniel Clarke) has been posted on the main website:


At least you have got an answer off them. I know fans who came over from Bham on Saturdays thinking the club shop may be open then given the fact the online store is down and most people are stuck in work in the week…but no.


Yeah, its pretty poor. Not to communicate the issues over the course of 3 weeks is also unacceptable.


Now its working, this hour anyway.


May I suggest @sirraygraydon you also email Steve Davies just before the next focus meeting he has with the club and voice your concerns there also as all complaints are handed over to the club there also. This sort of non-communication from the club is very poor and needs hammering home to them.


End of June has passed now halfway through July… Still not working. Disappointing and embarrassing.


Not the best impression of the club.


Yes it’s tragic really. Should be able to sort in this day & age.

However, they are brilliant on email and phone, Emma is a star.


Can you email orders in?


Yes you can email or phone. They are really helpful.