Should football continue

I’m not convinced it should now increasing numbers of players testing positive and it wasn’t allowed last time and it’s worse now.I would like to see a circuit break for a month then see how things are.

I think what we’ll find is a good few weeks of this national lockdown will bring cases in general down and it will have less of an impact on the football

These players are only mixing with their fammilies and each other

I think the next month or so will see clubs and bubbles having to shut for a week or two

I think it should continue. No reason for anything that isn’t a direct cause of increase in cases to stop. They’re tested regularly and cases are swiftly dealt with including deep cleans etc.

I’ve probably moved my position a bit.

I’m still sympathetic to a view that says “no fans, no point” as the essence of football is the community it brings into a space with a common cause.

But as this thing has dragged on I can see the purpose it brings, not least for the mental health of a lot of people. It brings a structure and a focus that would be missing. The Venn diagram of the demographic most susceptible to catastrophic mental health issues and football supporters has an overlap that means football, albeit in this distant form, is probably serving a very important purpose just now.

So on balance and with a slightly heavy heart I would say it should try to soldier on, even if like last night’s Villa game it is in a hugely compromised form. And much like last night’s Villa game, even in that compromised form, there were things to lift the heart.


Agree they should carry on if the testing and procedures are there, I just wish they would stop spitting. Surely that can’t be good for infection control?

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Maybe if the clubs stopped the players wages if they caught coronavirus they would be more careful.

I don’t think it should even though PT makes some good points to suggest it should.

If it is a serious lockdown then anything non essential shouldn’t continue. Kicking a ball about isn’t essential, regardless of how much I enjoy watching it and regardless of the fact it eases some of the boredom.

All our players tested negative…not too surprised.We don’t score so no celebrations and in view of the the lack of cohesion I doubt they get too close in training. :wink:


More seriously of course it should continue . They are fit youngsters and only a very small percentage are likely to have long term effect. It provides a necessary distraction from all the woes of the world.Even in WW2 football continued albeit in a different format.

I have never thought of it like this PT, but I think you make a very good point as it does provide a focus for millions of people in one way or another.

Even my wife does Super 6 and she has no normal interest in football but still does well in the family league, which probably raises a new debate completely!

In addition nearly 8 million people around the world have teams in Fantasy Premier League alone.

So I agree, good point PT.

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It should be banned anyway


Perhaps, but it won’t be. Seems ridiculous in the current climate - was watching the teams congregate in the tunnel/gallery at Old Trafford before the United/City game the other day, Mahrez just flobbed a big greenie on the floor where all his team mates were standing…

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Hmmm. War reference :wink:

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So ? whats wrong with that? We are not discussing BREXIT here so surely I should be allowed to draw a reasonable comparison. :wink:

Obsessed with it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Like Uncle Albert

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I cannot help what your"uncle" thinks about things but I have much greater obsessions than WW2 :grinning:

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Seen on Bescot Banter, football supremos are confident that the 20/21 season can be completed. Bit over confident ?

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Seems to be a lot of positive tests and games being called of lately