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Ref Darrell Clark.

On Saturday. D C. will be making his. Return to bescot And. I’d call on all saddler fans to give him a huge round of applause as he takes his seat in the dug out before the game

Whatever anyone’s thoughts on what he did or didn’t do. Whilst at Walsall he returns on Saturday. Following what no one should ever have to go through,

I can’t begin to imagine how he’s dealt with or. How he will ever get over Such a tragic event

So. Please on. Saturday. Let’s all. Put. Football rivalry to one side. And for 90 minuites. Let’s show. Him as a human being. Respect / compassion and the true face of Walsall fc. Because as said no one should have to go through what he has

An issa member. Is taking a card round in railway club. On Saturday for anyone. Who wishes to write a short message of support To show him. That the thoughts of. Saddlers fans are. With him , and we wil, try to get this to dc. Prior to kick off

Football ultimately unites us all. And all colours blend into one. When most needed. And Saturday is one of those days.


100% agree with this will definitely show the club/supporters in a good light, but more importantly show Darrell Clarke the football community come together in the darkest hours.


I wish Darrell well.
Had he stayed with Walsall, I wonder if we would be where Vale are now?

Is there a minute that’s synonymous with the situation that we could do a minute’s applause for a bit like the 7th minute in the game at anfield this evening.In all honesty I have no idea what’s happened in his personal life only that I’ve been told he’s lost his mom and dad already so it must have been someone even closer than that to him that’s passed away again forgive me if I’m way off the mark.

You know all you’ll hear is those horrible cnuts singing that song!

As mentioned elsewhere - out of respect to DC and his family, can I ask that any details or related speculation are kept from the public forum. Thanks.


Sorry I wasn’t aware it was an issue my apologies.


Totally agree with this and yet again another reason why I am proud member of ISSA


This is a brilliant idea but I think it needs to be mentioned to e & s so the supporters who aren’t on here can find out about it and hopefully show respect to DC. It would be awful if disrespectful chants were made.


To be honest i think the people that posted the disgraceful comments on facebook last time realised their mistake and regretted them.
And i don’t think they will make the same mistake again, and once word gets around amongst fans i don’t think it will be a problem, but if it does surface, i think it will be dealt with

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Should put his pic on big screen also. Do everyone in ground is aware


I would hope Pomlett would go with it as I imagine they didn’t exactly part on the best of terms.

That’s easy for me because I had no idea he’d suffered a loss! I won’t be there but I hope we can dent Vile’s promotion push. There’s no way we should be around 15 places below them!

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Really? I give it less than ten minutes before he’s called a peado and a dog nonce.


No chance.

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Then i would hope that other fans would do or say something to them

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Spot on this.

Not sure he’ll be there. Crosby has been in charge whilst he’s been away and whilst I know Darrell has been in the stands for a game or two, Vale are rightly allowing him to go at his own pace.

But whether he is there or not he needs to know that some things transcend football and our little tribal rivalries. They actually mean nothing in the scheme of things. This is about one group of human beings showing solidarity with another human being who has been through and is going through an unimaginably tough time.

It is obvious from this thread that his situation isn’t that widely known. Which means that there are some who in all innocence might engage in what I’ll kindly describe as “banter” on Saturday. I’d urge anyone who hears anything to ask the perpetrators to tone it down. Not the time.


No way. Vale appointed Crosby and we were lumbered with that other bloke.

:clap:t2: Totally the right thing to do - well done @Dhforever and all at ISSA


Angers me that I’ve seen so much on social media tonight condemning this simple show of human respect.

That some people would take this opportunity to have a go at him or take the piss is frankly embarrassing. It shows the worst in human nature, and specifically the worst in football fan tribalism. Some of the stuff I’ve read is pathetic, and from posters who I usually respect. I’m all for terrace banter when it’s appropriate but some things transcend that. I don’t know exactly what happened but I’ve heard rumours that it’s very bad. Whatever it is, it’s totally out of bounds.

Whether or not you like the bloke or what happened with Walsall is immaterial. Take a look at what happened at Anfield tonight in respect to a Man United player’s tragedy and take heed. Football rivalries mean less than nothing in the grand scheme of things. The fact that some people take it so far is a black mark against their own character and nothing more.

A lot of the ill feeling towards Clarke stems from our own clown show board, who are happy for our fans to show contempt towards him because it suits their narrative that he was at fault and not us.

If none of this had happened, go nuts. Take the piss all you like. I feel the Vale rivalry as much as the next guy, but to anyone out there who has posted something disrespectful towards him: how would you feel if it was you?