Can’t wait for this one! Just got three tickets phone lines are rammed. Get in quick as I don’t think there will be enough for general sale.

Are you saying there will be a large travelling gate?
It is no longer an easy place to go, much further from the railway station these days, so my guess is they have either moved the station or moved the ground, I know not which.

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I think we will take around 1000

Can we still qualify? A four figure travelling audience for a dead rubber game would be an incredible effort.

They haven’t moved the station, but did something slightly unusual with it in 1899.

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They could do that a hundred and some years ago, and they can’t even keep the line running between Wellington and Shrewsbury now if one person takes a shift off sick.

Bought my ticket earlier, but I’d be surprised if we took more than 3/400 to this

This is the meaningless jpt game?.


Be about a 5ver??

Everyone is meaningless until they take out the under 21/over 65’s or whatever they are.

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I saw it was a fiver. Might be tempted


Ticket purchased.

Contribute to the B teams joining the Football League eventually. Well done

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I tell you what would help more than fans not going to these games…

Teams putting out full strength sides. Wiping the floor with kids teams and making the prem clubs think that it’s not doing their development any good playing in it.


That is just your view on it. Mine is that if that is what they want to do then they will do it anyway. That will be a separate battle to fight.

No one was watching the early rounds even in the old format anyway.

I’m not going but I’d never knock anyone for going and supporting the lads.


A fact easily forgotten. We had some stinking crowds in the old first rounds.

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Not less than a thousand though which some are now. And it’s not just my view either

Yes, I worded it wrong. There are a lot of fans who have the same opinion at all lower league clubs, definitely.

I don’t agree with the u21 teams being in it. I certainly wouldn’t agree with them being in the football league. If that happens it will be a new battle to fight, it won’t be brought on by a couple of hundred extra fans attending matches in this cup.

Personally, I do think it is a shame for this cup, because it was alright as it was. Other than fans boycotting it, has anyone done anything else to fight against it?


I feel so strongly about this. Every time this competition is mentioned, it gets me irritated. Shouldn’t happen but it has. It really really riles me and it’s so obvious it’ll happen and i can’t believe people can’t see it