Sign a striker!

Of course. Not saying who though. Never have, never will.

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Minor correction - Not quite inside as such but persons with direct exposure within the club.

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Just for a bit of clarity, and feel free not to answer if it’s revealing too much, but has this player we’ve bid for moved elsewhere or is it a case that we haven’t matched his clubs valuation?

Of course.

The honest answer is, I don’t know. All I know is that we have been and continue to be very active in our pursuit of a proven striker and have made several bids for a number of very specific targets.


Cheers pal, appreciate it

A decent striker would make a huge difference sign one and maybe Timmy that would probably do us?

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What’s he done to get a contract?

A bid of roughly our transfer record does not buy you a proven goalscorer these days.

A transfer fee of nearly doubt our record gets you a potential one season wonder Alfie may or a prolific non league unproven league goalscorer.
Even at league 2 a contracted 15+ continuous scorer would cost close to 1 million + nowadays.

We need to sign someone, the fans, management and board all know this.

The only thing is, just because posters A, B and C name a striker on here, doesn’t mean it is a player that Flynn wants. He has already come out and said that he wants a certain type of player, with a certain mentality, who will buy into what he is trying to build.

I’d love us to go out and bid for Dallas etc, but nobody knows if this is the type of player Flynn wants. He and the board have just over a week to get it sorted, because we can’t start a season, which we all want to be an improvement on the last, with the current attacking options.

One positive though is, he has spoken positively regarding Trivela and Boycott again. Certain fans need to accept they aren’t just going to throw ridiculous amounts at this though, in the hope of us being promoted. Boycott explicitly said this at the Fans Forum.

Pomlett said about the window not closing yet (any football fan with an ounce of common sense knows this) but most just want some decent attacking options in prior to the season starting, as it gives the best hope of a good start, which is always a benefit.

They have until the 30th to bust a gut and get in at least 1.


Waiting till 30 August is unacceptable in my view. We will have already thrown away too many points

Isn’t Matt at Forest Green in League 1?

My bad I still remembered him scoring past is lol

Who Timmy?

Before last night nothing, but caused both fullbacks problems, and in league 2 can see him being a decent impact sub, although I dont see many goals in him


Not alot but he looks better than some of the other signings

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That’s a no from me then

If his feeble toe poke had gone in Saturday would opinions be different?

If his feeble toe poke hadn’t been feeble, then probably.

I think Flynn’s feeling the pressure now,that interview was mostly negative as far as injuries went which is understandable,but he’s starting to repeat himself as far as the positives are concerned. We just have to get a striker in, Flynn can say what he wants about the progress the team are making but if we don’t find someone to put the ball in the back of the net we will be back to the past 5yrs and they’ve been fun haven’t they?