Signed 21 year old midfielder Frank Vincent from Bournmouth till end of season.

Did’nt see it in the other thread !

Oh dear.

Another youngster from a bigger Club who has shown very little.

Sam Perry may as well pack his bags.


Scunny fans not impressed very average for them they are saying.

Yeah. I’ve been reading a few forums. Opinions generally useless and couldn’t wait to the see the back of him. Should fit in well


Well, if he reads this and probably will, should make him feel really welcome.

Loved him in Goodfellas and The Sopranos.

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New striker very experienced and faster than Lavery


Ha ha

Perhaps they’ll listen now.

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Another ‘meh’ signing and I get that but two points…

Firstly, we all know we haven’t got money to throw at signings. We’re (rightly or wrongly) having to rely on free loans, so we’re not going to be getting the pick of the bunch as they’ll be sort after by clubs willing to pay a % of wages.

Secondly, and I’ve said it before, it’s time to get used to these types of signings in this league. Raw kids with not much experience who haven’t done it anywhere else. This is what this league offers Championship clubs. Most won’t pay off, the odd one will look brilliant.

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Wrongly is the correct analysis - these signings are a waste of everyone’s time and shove our own young professionals even further down the pecking order.


Got naf all to play for this season now, give our young lads a chance instead


Would agree with that, I’d rather we focused on our youngsters than these loans but for people wanting signings and then expecting decent loan signings, it just won’t happen most times in this league, especially when we’re pleading poverty to clubs when enquiring about loans.

Does anybody have any idea how DC did with bringing through youths at Bristol Rovers? Strikes me as a bloke who hasn’t got much patience. I just hope he isn’t writing some of our youngsters off by making these silly loan signings come in ahead of them.


did he bring Broom through ex Cheltenham now at Peterborough i think? decent player from what i saw

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That deal was swept under the carpet apparently mate.


DC has signed a large number of Players over the past 18 months (compartively League 2) There should be no need to further increase the size of the squad, particularly with kids who’s pedigree is under 23’s and a few weeks on loan at Barrow.

Unfortunately said signings have been - for the most part - utter dross.

His treatment of CCM was utterly appalling - the lad has never really had a run and has been unfortunate with injuries. Couple of shocking performances admittedly- but it seems his 2 mates from BR and Guthrie - who have been far worse - and eaten up a large chunk of the budget-are immune from public criticism.

To me this shows alot about DC - all mouth with the “plebs” but hasn’t the guts to show consistency in his comments towards the senior pros. Probably because he knows he’ll work with Clarke and Sinclair again - at another club - in the future.


Exactly, realistically what are we going to get out of a19 year old striker without a league goal to his name??? Answer to that is very little.

Do we not have our own academy option? We must have strikers in the 18/19 year old bracket, my guess is we don’t.

The above also highlights more BS from the club, the 50% of all transfers being invested into the youth/academy has delivered bugger all. Even 20 years ago we had a conveyor belt of talent waiting in the wings, Ricketts , Platt, Deeney, Taylor , Demontagnac , Bakayoko just to name a few who were always options off the bench.

Our club is seriously broken.


The “Youth Team/Academy” due to our League Status over the past 20 years, has seen Players having to come into a League 1 Team. In what can politely be described as a “very average” League 2, is it really the case that there is no one good enough, to at least come into the Team for a handful of games? Is no one approaching the level of George ,Scrimshaw, Reid, Wright or Vincent who are just getting farmed out to anyone who will take them?

Or is it the case, DC is not make the correct call?

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Never mind CCM , the way Sam Perry has been treated is nothing short of scandalous unless there is something that’s happened with him that we don’t know about.
I know I’ve said it repeatedly but in the EFL Trophy game against a full strength Portsmouth team including John Marquis he was the best player on the pitch , unfortunately that was over a year ago and he hasn’t been seen since , until the last couple of games when he’s been benchwarming along with the new loan signings .
You would have thought the supporters would warrant at least a update on his progress .