Six nil to the Saddlers, six nil to the Saddlers!

As one of the very few there last night, I must say it was an absolute delight to see us playing some decent stuff. Yes, I know they changed their Team around a bit. But so did we. Mc Donald was outstanding. Clarke simply must sign him up. He is vastly under used by us at the moment, and this must change.Nice to see Josh get a hat trick and his second goal was a really good finish. He and Caolen must start Saturday and leave those other two under achievers on the Bench. Alfie continues to improve and could be a bit of a find if this continues.
Sad that all the moaners weren’t there last night!!


Nice that we scored some goals and got a bit of confidence.

However, this was against Forest Green’s youth side so let’s not get too carried away. We’re still 22nd in League Two for a reason.


Just to put a bit of context in there, FGR played 2 x 16 year olds and 1 x 17 year old from the start.

Still, goals should breed confidence, fingers crossed.


Not quite right as you can see from SADDLA’S post on the match thread. I acknowledge it was a weakened team but we should be pleased we won so well after what has happened so far this season.The Lavery/Gordon partnership could be our way of escaping the doldrums so lets be a little more optimistic.


We had an 18 year old and forgive me if I am wrong, but haven’t lots of Fans been saying we’ve played like Boys most of the season! Don’t know if you were there last night?----it was nice to come away having been entertained. Can’t say that about many other matches this season.

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You can if you watch Llera’s youth side vs other clubs youth sides, which is basically what we were against last night.

I hope it gives the players some confidence but I hope it doesn’t give the fans over confidence.


They literally had two school boys playing for them last night and had a man sent off.

Means literally nothing.

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Agree last night will be good for confidence and perhaps momentum, but I’d rather we’d shown this level of comfort in beating Darlington. Cambridge will be a very different proposition.


We should be beating kids teams like this 5 or 6 nil.
Oh look we did!

No one is under any illusions about last night game but if the score gives our players a boost for the weekend and a glimmer of pleasure to us fans then it is a result worthy of celebration.

Sad that, during one of the worst starts to a season in living memory, you use one win against much weakened opposition to have a cheap pop at fellow fans!

I was delighted to see the result last night and hope it breeds confidence for our league matches but I’m not (yet) kidding myself that it proves everyone wrong.


Happy we won, but wasn’t there last night because the competition is an absolute farce.


It doesn’t mean nothing, and I bet Josh Gordon thinks it means something.
I couldn’t give a rat’s ass how we got our first win and who against - we needed it.


Spot on

Kind of put what i wanted!

It was a Tuesday night in a micky mouse cup i couldnt make but thats one of very few home and away i will miss.

But lets be real here yeah its great for confidence, great too see some of them on the pitch get game time…

But ill hold judgement ill i see his team selection Saturday and then see how we actaully do in a game that means something. Its great but its nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I think we need to just look at what happens on Saturday. We need to follow this up with a win against Cambridge United.

If we do that then maybe we are starting to turn a corner.

We can’t get much worse, though can we?

Every time I look at the table I cringe but a 6-0 win does raise the spirits.

Let’s see what happens.

What odds can you get on us going 1 better and getting a 7-0 win?

And before anyone thinks I’m getting carried away - Scarr will be serving his ban so that clean sheet is a distinct possibility! :wink:

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As ever I stand to be corrected but by my reckoning last night was our biggest ever winning margin at Bescot. Biggest win of any sort since the 7-0 at Macclesfield? Only other two times I can remember us scoring 6 since the move was beating Bristol Rovers 6-1, and of course the 8-4 against Torquay (although that was after extra time). And of course it was watched by our lowest post-WW2 crowd!

Thinnest of silver linings there for me. If I arm wrestle my 5 year old kid and win I wouldn’t be walking around like I’m the greatest afterwards.

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It wasn’t THAT bad, El Nombre!

If the game serves a purpose of giving us a bit of confidence then great.

It is however a win against kids in a competition no one cares about. It certainly isn’t ammunition enough for fans to try and get a dig into others as moaners.