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Ref skins

today alongside other Issa Committee member,s we where Invited up to the club to see the completed new bar area within the community Hub,

Pictured below is a sneek peek of some of the artwork on display

Got to say these pics don’t REALY do the new facility justice it is a truly fantastic area, which I’m sure once normality returns will be. A great place for many saddlers pre match meet up

It was an honour for Issa to be able to provide. The funding to Walsall football club. To enable this initiative to be done, and now completed we will. Now move on to our next project , which will hopefully. Result in club being provided with a brand new mini bus.

As always Issa will not take all the plaudits for. What has been done. We recognise the input you the fans. Had into being able to give the club the 5k it took to do this,

You brought into the whole ethos of this and supported all the initiatives, I’e the
ticket draw, the numerous auctions we ran, and individual. Donations. And raised the 5k we needed in just over a week

So to each and everyone of you who contributed. In any way no matter how big or small your. Financial commitment was a massive thank you. Is sent to all. from the committee of. Issa,

We could never do and be as hugely. Successful as we are without your input You are a credit to yourselves. And our beloved. Walsall FC ,

We Now move. on to bigger and better things but the goal will remain the same, And that is to put you the fans. And our beloved football club first and foremost in everything we do


:clap: can’t wait to see it in person

Looks great!

WOW even better than i expected :ok_hand: :clap: :clap:

Looks superb :ok_hand:

Take a bow everyone involved. Looks amazing :clap:

Looks great lads.

Looks great to be fair. One question though, why is Darrell Clarke on it?

Got to admit rob I thought exactly the same. ,but. It does look great. , and I’m sure will gain fans approval

The Buckley tribute with him giving his trademark goal salute. And the Stan Bennett one, Would be the highlights for me,

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Looks great. Top job👍

Who chose Kenny Mower? :rofl:

Nearly 500 appearance merits inclusion if you ask me.


Not sure who chose him, but he made over 400 appearances for the club, shoe in as far as I am concerned.


Don’t get me wrong, I have very fond memories of him starting when he was a spotty faced apprentice helping out in the tea bar during reserve games, and I watched him graduate through the reserves and into the first team. But he’s not a name you often see mentioned when people are talking about “best ever” teams - even when discussing left backs during the 70s & 80s!

He did get unwarranted abuse for being black, but even more for mostly being average at best!


As blazing said over 400 appearances for his hometown club. , Would have been a travesty. If not included
But to answer a posters question Issa chose kenny, mower, alongside. Alan Buckley, Stan Bennett, Chris Nicholl. Ray Graydon, Jimmy Walker, and letaio , rest where chosen by fan base


Local guy, stayed local, over 400 Aps, Loyal servant. Still committed to the cause too. Kenny Mower fully deserves his place there in my eyes. :clap:


So was Chris Marsh or Mark Rees so why not them too?

That’s not saying I think either should be there, just they have as much (if not more) claim as Kenny Mower does to being a Saddlers’ Legend.

I know you can’t put them all up there and different people will have different views. There are some shoe-ins that no one will disagree with, other ones I can understand there being debate about whether they were chosen or missed out, it’s just that I don’t see Kenny as being regarded as icon material by most fans.

I still think a squad .pic would have solved that


These look brilliant @Dhforever - credit to all at ISSA for all that you’ve done to make this happen but also my fellow fans: times are tough so putting hands in pockets for the club we love is brilliant.

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Where is our Number 1 fan, and saviour…Mr Jeffrey William Bonser?
Deserves a place for everything he has done for the club, surely??

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