Sky Sports agrees new five-year EFL deal

Possibly but these are opinions not facts. The form could well change - I have heard there might be two cameras, for example. It was the same market last year - what international fans saw was the same as home fans for the eligible matches. And, although it may be true, it is not obvious to me that they would necessarily run parallel systems,.

Utter lunarcy


People who actually like and support WFC

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No it’s based on what they’ve actually said and what the markets are :joy: It’s not opinion.

It’s literally never been the same market. The footage might be the same, but an international market has never been the same as a domestic one. They mean, and are, polar opposite things. That’s how broadcast deals work. It’s got literally nothing to do with how many cameras are on it or how it is filmed. The exact same footage can be sold in two separate markets for different deals.

so will it the “exact same footage”?

If we were languishing lower table and had Crawley away on a Sunday morning

How many are you saying will travel then

Bonkers if you thought it would any more than 100 max

It won’t include you so you don’t need to worry :man_shrugging:

A few Friday night games will be decent. Not sure on aways as I don’t fancy having to use half a days holiday, it’s the reason I cut out Tuesday night away games so hopefully not too many of those.
Not a fan of Sunday games though personally.

Oh, and midday Saturday home kick off just means breakfast and pints before the game and catch the 3pm scores back at the pub, doesn’t sound too bad!

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Waffle, waffle…. they’re messing around with kickoff times.

Do you go? Does it effect you?

No, but waffle.


Aslong as all the games are scheduled beforehand (which they will be, they said that every TV game up until Christmas will be announced in June) , then for the hardcore fan i can’t see much changing in terms of them wanting to attend. Especially at this level where you get 1000+ fans of clubs turning up to away games when they haven’t won in months.

If you’re someone who doesn’t attend, by choice or physically can’t go, then the extra coverage of games is surely a good thing.

Will definitely be a plus for the club itself in one way i feel, open up the locker for an away match and get a few hundred in there all day for an early kick off or late for a night match.


Say what you like times are dam expensive
This will save me so much money and still allow me to watch Walsall fc
From my perspective it’s a godsend with not being able to afford a season ticket
Bring my dad and brother to mine couple of beers from the fridge , no gas money no expensive pint
Blessed be the poor

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You’d have to be pretty hardcore to drag yourself out of bed to drive to Colchester for a Sunday midday kick off

This I’m definitely in agreement with you!

If the announcement about changing days and kick off times had been made prior to eary bird sales I would have re considered
and picked my games Fridays are for drinking . I’ll certainly think twice next season.

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I agree. And I’d have no motivation what so ever to go to an away game at midday on a Sunday. We would literally have to be in the top 3 for me to even consider it.

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… yes! :joy:

They’re not going to film the same game twice for two different audiences! :joy::joy: when you watch game of thrones right, your domestic package, ie Sky, shows it here. The US carrier is HBO. They have the broadcast rights for the USA … ITS STILL THE SAME F***ING SHOTS! :joy: they don’t film it with a different camera for a different Channel! Jesus Christ. The fact you’re watching it on a different provider depending on where you are in the world doesn’t change the content :joy:

It’s not become apparent though has it?

Out of the 20+ advertised televised games per club at least 6 will be midweek. Then there’s 4 on bank holidays and 4 on international breaks, of which none will move from the usual 3pm kick-off times (unless we have call ups, then it’ll just be Tuesday as normal). Then there’s the first and last game, which also seem to be being kept at normal times. That’s 16. So we have potentially 4 others moved from a Saturday at 3pm. It’s also not clear if in that 20 they are including the first round of the League Cup and the minimum 3 tin pot trophy games we’ll play. If they are, then we’re up to the magic 20 and not a single game has been moved.


Yeah but what about Colchester away on a Sunday morning at 9 o’clock?

Helium? Nitrous? Methane?

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A tweet from the owner of Accrington Stanley.