Sloppies Manager

I see Sloppies new Manager is the son of one of my favourite ex Saddlers, pacey winger, Colin As key. Good luck John, as long as you finish below us

John’s older brother Bob (who also used to play for Macclesfield) was my A-level Maths teacher at school. A top guy himself with a wicked sense of humour, Bob also managed a local side in his spare time (before being sacked partway through last season :frowning: ). Had a few occasions where he walked out of the lesson to speak to players/the local rag on his phone-a great Maths teacher though :smile:

Hope his brother takes after him in the managerial department for the Sloppies however!

They’ve already lost a couple of their signed players (including Craig Mcgillivray), their manager and a lot of their first team were loans.

Back to struggling for survival I reckon - shame :sweat_smile: they got lucky with Paul Hirst…