So we start with

Northampton Town (Away)


Load of cobblers.


Shoe’s on the other foot now

This could be the ‘last’ game we win?

Poor ground and atmosphere. It has no sole.

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If the shoe was on the other foot would the cobblers be happy with us away first game :thinking:

Our squad will need to be “pumped” up for this one…

I’m sure we’ll sneaker a win.

The ‘leather traders’ Derby is always a classic

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We’ll bring them to heel.

That’s a bit tongue in cheek.

Sole destroying?

Let’s hope we give them a good hiding. Unless we get stitched up by a dodgy ref we could have this all sewn up early on.

Would be nice to have a nailed-on win to kick start the campaign.

…too much?

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Hope we give them a good leathering …

We are shopping at Clarkes’ now. Got new trainers and everyfink.

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Does this mean that promotion is a shoe-in???

If not someone is sure to get the boot.

The Walsal laces are sure to win.


Did you think you were insole possession of all the puns?

He’s just a heel who thinks he’s in sole control of all the puns.