So what shall we do?

I think there are a number of threads on this forum which lists fan grievances. These range from short term issues (I.e the quality of football, match day experience) to longer term issues (I.e the ownership).

I know we have previously tried to protest to convey frustrations but I really think, as fans, we need to take some action. We need a new approach because ultimately this is the club we love and are stuck with through better or worse.

I think a plan of action is required and in order to do this we need to firstly understand:
A) How have fans previously protested? What was the outcome/impact?
B) New approaches we as fans could take…

Understandably the ownership is something we can’t directly affect, but I think we should be able to come up with a few ideas with things we can control.

This football club is at the heart of many fans so we shouldn’t allow it to drift - we understand the club and the history and we need to remember the club is nothing without us…


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The Venue could continue quite efficiently, and profitably, without the utter inconvenience of a blasted football team using that green bit in the middle every other week! And those bloomin ‘supporters’ are a blinking nuisance, they even want to use toilets that aren’t swimming in pith!
Just think how much money uncle Jeff could save if there was no football team to finance…


Try writing a (begging) letter to Mike Ashley , and see if you could get him interested in starting at the bottom …


Get everyone to boycott The Venue.


As @Worsul4eva states …

" The Venue could continue quite efficiently, and profitably, without the utter inconvenience of a blasted football team …"

I know everyone feels like… you know what ■■■■ this i ain’t going again

But as someone said on another thread , Mr Bonser finds it harder to deal with a bigger vocal crowd

Let’s get a huge support to go to Coventry and Burton, take a load of Cypriot flags, chant bonser out for half an hour, engage with media, start a proper social media campaign and make it clear what we want via 2/3 spokespersons.

That way we are suppprting the team, without the fear of a ban and the club will see what ate they missing out on and we can all have a good day out.


Maybe some of the guys on here , moderators etc who know how to get in touch with the powers to be could put together all the facts about the club , and they with what ever help we supporters could give try and find potential buyers for the club

Don’t know if that is possible but i think we need to be giving Mr Bonser as much of a helping hand in finding a new owner because i don’t think he’s in any kind of rush .

Charlton supporters made quite an impression when they were disgruntled, plastic pigs was it not, hundreds hurled on to the pitch, caused quite a stir, became headline news.
Perhaps we should use bathroom accessories?


Throw Rent books on the pitch?


Rent Book 16 Page Assured Tenancy & Assured Shorthold Tenanacy Book (C237)

Seriously though ,

i would like some comments / feedback / suggestions on my idea above , a couple of posts

regarding someone on here being able to do an advertising compaign to try and find a buyer for the club ??

is that something anyone would be qualified to atttempt ??

Or, for those who’ll remember the 70s and 80s, and with reference to the state of the “bathroom” facilities, throwing loo rolls could be an alternative.

Part of a “say no to bog standards” campaign. :wink:


Does that mean Slade will come on playing as well …

Rubber ducks!:rofl:

Still think rent books thrown on the pitch on 26mins would be good. (1 minute for each year of his association with the club).

Then massed away support at Coventry & Burton with Cypriot flags.

I would be up for taking a banner with me in the F2G, couldn’t give a toss if I’m banned under the present regime. I liked the idea of a banner saying ‘go and support Rotherham, Luton or Bournemouth’…

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I will possibly look into
The costs of this as I’ve had this idea for a little bit. Away games it can go to without an issue


Think we will have our biggest following at Bolton on Saturday if something can be done for then

One UK winner of £115 million on the Euros tonight.
Fingers crossed they support the Saddlers. :ok_hand:

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Flags are the quick and easy option there. A banner might take a bit longer.