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So what shall we do?


I am up for anything guys, I was going to suggest supporters like myself who have made a self imposed ban, to go onto the pitch at half time with a Bonser out banner, even sitting down and having to be carried off, because I couldn’t care less if I was banned while HE was still at the helm. But I think there are cleverer fans out there that could come up with something better, but whatever it is I am willing to sacrifice my self in the service of the cause :fist:t3:


I still think a massive campaign to get everyone to Coventry Away and then Burton Away is the answer. Stay aways and the disillusioned can all go, doesn’t give Jeff a penny and we can all support the team. Loads of Cyprus flags in the crowd, no risk of a ban and just imagine if we could 2/3k protesting at the game.


If you are looking for impact, why not hire a coach and do a imprompto demo outside Suffolk house in Ipswich, would generate media coverage and would strike at the very heart of What has caused the problems we are all know witnessing
A sustained period of pressure is needed. At every game home and away. Prior to kick off , half time and at the end of every game. Bonser should be targeted
But not during game, that way , team will know it’s not aimed at them, go in fully support lads, , and do not participate in any other revenue stream other than your admittance cost, See how long he plays that game for, I guarantee it will draw him out, empty tills are the only way to hit home that the majority of fans have had enough and are willing to challenge his dictatorship. Once and for all


Spot on.

Just to reiterate - it has to be clear right from the start that this is not about results. If it seems like it’s about results it becomes ridiculous.

It has to be sustained, and before, at half time, and at the end of the game.

We tried to take the moral high ground, so to speak, with the unity thing, and not to be aggressive or disgusting songs wise - it’s best to concentrate on one thing .

Phil’s idea was great - if someone can put it into song form ‘who do we support next Jeff?’ Then that’s off to a good start.


To the tune of tie me kangaroo down sport
“Who do we support now Jeff
Who do we support now” etc


I’ll happily support any focused and unified support as I did with SWAG. No half ■■■■ ideas or short lived attempts, sustained protests to get him out the club.


Can’t agree with this enough.


Don’t think that’s the case about Kev and the Trust.

If you want action from the Trust, you’ll be waiting a long time. I’ve walked away twice because of inactivity and it’s direction.


Kev joined the trust for the right reasons, and was hoping to make a difference, unfourtanatly his efforts will be to no avail,
The trust will never be over critical of club and goes along with club far to easy, where it should be representing fans , regardless of how much it upsets club, And can someone explain why the trust will never disclose membership numbers, take away Dean the players and honoury members, I’d hazard a guess it doesent have 50 fully paid up members, in its current guise it serves no purpose whatsoever,
It should set its elves new aim,s and fully represent fans in correct manor, not make its sole aim fan representation on board, because that can’t and never will happen
The trust would have been the perfect platform to voice everyone’s anger through, but sadly it’s only a platform for the chosen few rather than what it was originally founded for, just like our owner, it’s gone past its sell by date


It seems like there is some real support for an overhaul.

My mindset on the direction of the club changed when I brought my sister to a game for the first time since 2010. She told me the match day experience had not changed and the club looked dated…

Short term profit does not mean a club is doing well, the culture needs to change - and we the fans have the power to do this!


So that’s the problem, then. All this time, we’ve been represented by fantasy beings without knowing it.


Shrewsbury saddler
Seeing as the goal they keep saying they want to achieve. Is pure fantasy. I’ll let you decide


The Trust is pathetic


Too many people pandering to Bonser.

The Trust, WM, Express & Dingle - but when the pressure really comes on top they will be the first to turn. Weak establishments with absolutely no power to change anything.


Don’t worry all, we still have that Olly guy from Walsall Fans Have Your Say to save the day!


If he’s in charge we really have no chance. Long, rambling posts that make little sense :joy: I know he thinks the same as us but he struggles to put any points across in a clear and concise manner.

Had to leave that group again, does my swede in


We might have gnome it was set up to fail.


He’s in it for himself. Loves being the “Leader”. Absolute headcase. I left too. Utter bilge.


Bloody elves. Coming over here,pretending to represent us. What do they know? Bet they’re all on benefits.


While we all have issues with JB perhaps we need to focus on finding a prospective new owner who presents a better vision for the future and who we can champion.
Does such a person exist ? What about the offers JB has refused because he deems them not in the interests of the Football club.Would any of those interested be prepared to identify themselves and talk to fans about shared ideas.
Unless an acceptable alternative is found any campaign to get rid does not take us forward and unpalatable as it may be could take us backwards.