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Anyone else think the social media coverage on our official accounts has really gone badly down the pan in the last few years? It just smacks, like everything else at this club, of being completely out of touch with the supporters it’s there to serve. The over the top way they reacted to the Oteh penalty last Saturday, the staggeringly misguided “this is your club” post before Wycombe to bring up just two very recent examples.

Also, 99% of the time they never reply to questions, even benign ones about ticketing/sales etc. I’m not being funny but it’s not like there are millions of comments on there to sift through. Takes about 5 minutes a day for me to read through them all in my spare time :roll_eyes:

Can’t just be me being picky?

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Been down hill since Dale Moon left to join the Blues. Guess that’s what you get when you’re not offering a competitive salary.



Wouldn’t surprise me if like other areas of the club there is a “it’s not my job” mentality.



Like defence?

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The marketing dept, in my eyes is struggling as bad as the team.

They’ve recently outsourced content creation to an external company, which includes programme editing/design etc.



Lack of social media presence adds to the apathy surrounding the club and lack of connection with the squad, There used to be enjoyable, quirky behind the scenes videos, interviews etc. that enables fans to feel a connection with the players and many of them came across as very likeable. As said above, Dale Moon was fantastic, as was the lad before him who ended up at Stoke (Jon Sidaway?)Ash Wilkinson was average - couldn’t tell you the name of the current chap.



You know the more thought I give to the chaos at the club the more you actually wonder who is responsible for ANYTHING outside of the footballing side of stuff

The team manager carries the can and is fired if it goes to pot in terms of football but what about everything else??

The entire sales, marketing and commercial side of the club is dire

The ground and facilities (operations?) is worse than dire

The senior leadership of the business is nonexistent

The board and senior management seem bulletproof for all criticism and are surely failing to comply with the appropriate governance of the business (as a company…)

Just my thoughts



The problem is they’ve all become too comfortable and lax.



Not so long ago I’ve read stories, Wyrley Juniors installed new defibrillator at the club. Maybe it wasn’t something big, but it was sold as something really big. I have them on FB, so I’ve read all that messages. I can see they are building some positive vibration, some positive image. I understand they are playing in some regional leagues I think, children have a lot of fun probably, but one thing puzzles me. Why they can, while WFC can’t. Why one team can infect you with passion, with some great feelings, emotions, but other looks there is always some sour accent and you’ll find it soon. No one cares? Hard to believe with so many people. Or maybe really no one will give a flying f about club. It’s just workplace full of average workforce.

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Given that the IT wonk sits on the board and is a full-time employee of the club it’s surprising that they haven’t a clue what to do…

Oh, hang on, it’s no surprise at all. Complacent, lazy, ‘we know best’ attitude. Been that way for more than a decade. Can’t blame the site platform for ■■■■ content.

I remember when it used to have a fan bulletin board. That was hilarious to troll.



Done right social can be a great ‘USP’ for smaller clubs and in my opinion can be used more effectively because of this.

No wonder this team are so isolated from supporters.

Aside from some of them clearly being egotistical ■■■■■■ with an inflated opinion of their own skill level and are more excited by synthetic food-based pyramid schemes than performing for those who are paying them, the whole ‘drawbridge up’ mentality at the club really doesn’t help. It permeates into every aspect of communication and service.

Top down.



I look at Andy Holt at Accrington and Darragh Macanthony at Peterborough and wonder why we can’t run our clubs in a similar way. I’m not saying anything that isn’t realistic, surely?

I don’t argue with the principle of keeping the club solvent and Bonser deserves some praise for that. However, the money he takes out of the club is killing any chance of being able to compete.

I truly hope that we can go back to basics under an experienced manager like Keith Hill next season. Personally, I think that a director of football could even come in because the youth set up seems like a total shambles to me.

A little bit of vision would be wonderful. I wonder whether we can tap in to WBA’s talented youth set up because you look at their production line and it is immense.

A clean slate is needed and a new investor would really lift the spirits of the beleaguered supporters…



Is it because those chairman are successful multimillionaire businessmen that decided to invest some of their millions in the team they support and Bonser is a failed business owner that got himself into a position to make himself a multimillionaire off the back of the club (he claims) he supports, Tone? :thinking:



I was going to post about Andy Holt myself. I restarted following him again on twitter after our defeat at Wycombe. His approachability and passionate support shine through in stark contrast to our remote, aloof, reclusive leadership. He has tweeted in just the last couple of days about owners being answerable to the fans and the wider community, had an intelligent grown up conversation about how the fans want to manage the home end and tweeted statements of how he wants to leave the club in a good state when he is gone. Stanley are run sustainably so I don’t think he is sinking any let alone millions of his own money into the club. Some of our fans warn we could get worse than Bonser and they are right. We could also easily do better. For £450000 a year we should be doing so, so, so much better and that’s before we even think about what is happening on the pitch.



A sad but true reflection of the dire position of our club is in and how incomparable we are to other (smaller and obviously larger clubs…)

We have absolutely nothing to be grateful to Jeff for and his legacy (if unchanged in the coming years) is likely to be a very small club in a very big town that simply disappeared into the history books of English football - so much for him being a fan eh?



Had a long lunch and read a few different topics which all turn into the same issue after 10/ 15 posts.

Gone are the days when an Owner was just a rich fan. Football is now a business. I own a small business and I know that the times we dont do so great, are the times that I have become complacent as an owner. So i shock myself back into action, drive the areas that need to be improved. I then try to learn from my mistakes and hopefully, it doesnt happen again. This is leadership isnt it?

You cant play at running a business or organisation. If you dont run it and adjust to the market, it will deteriorate.

I really dont understand, why Bozo bothered to dedicate the last 20 years to building a club, to now let it die a death of a 1000 cuts rather than to make some tough decisions:

Give the club to the fans, or let us buy a controlling stake
Keep it - but get some direction:
Create a YT policy, where you take dis-guarded YTs from local clubs and bring them through, sell them (if and when theyre ready) cash in, repeat!
Hire a Director of Football that can instill a playing style throughout the club

Theres loads that can be done, Bozo needs to stop playing at ownership!



Good post Rad4d

I’ve said previously that JB is playing at this - he doesn’t want to influence or drive change - he simply desires the financial benefits he’s successfully created for himself. Ultimately (IMO) this is exactly why we need change to move forward in any small way, because under his ownership, progress will NEVER happen.

I don’t buy any of the excuses folk make that he cares and supports the club - I simply don’t believe this is the case. He holds the club as his own financial vessel for no other reason than to extract his £££ from it

God its frustrating when, as you suggest, there’s so much that could be done and it wouldn’t break the bank to do it…



Not sure I agree. Most of the other clubs in our league are running at huge losses - if their owners are trying to make money they are doing a very bad job.

Of the clubs to publish financial figures for 2016/17, we are the only ones to make a profit. The graph below is lifted from this very good blog about football finances.

As far as I can see, Bonser is quite unique in that he has successfully turned a lower league football club into a personal money making machine.

Completely agree about the slow death though. I don’t see a rapid fall down the leagues like some have predicted. Instead we will probably go on as we have been, basically repeating the last 12 seasons but a division lower.

We will probably muddle on for even longer due to their only being two relegation spots. All the while we will told we are a “well-run” club because we turn a small profit each year and that we are unrealistic to expect any more than lower League Two mid-table with our budget and fan base.

Our number-one fan will continue to do very nicely out of the whole situation until the grim reaper comes a calling. What happens then? Who knows.



Not being awkward but I don’t see your point of not agreeing…

I’m not suggesting we are a badly run business - I’m saying its structured to suit the financial machine that he’s created (and not to be a decent football club…)

We are all fairly aware of the profitability of the club (just) or the break-even philosophy etc etc - you seem to be indicating this is what we have an issue with…

As you point out the stats don’t lie and we are unsurprisingly financially tightly run - the reality however (in footballing terms) is that we are dying a death of a thousand cuts and now reaping what we’ve sown

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Indeed it is, Steve You win a case of Banks’s.