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Something Is Dangerously Wrong


Sick of hearing all the “Keates is shipping out the under-performers, so it’s okay” crap.

Don’t believe for a minute that someone who has recently played for Rangers and Norwich, that commuting is an issue, focus on that fact that Martin was Keates’s number 1 signing, and 3 months later he’s gone!

Also, don’t forget the chaos that was the summer, and that we built a defence around loanees, at the last minute, and now we are being mugged off by Albion, leaving us in chaos once again.

This club is in real trouble, and relegation is now a very real prospect, and until something changes I can see that relegation leading to another.


I’m sure the abuse he got in the service station on the way home from Bolton didn’t help his commitment either.


Keates his out of his depth not good enough he don’t seem to be botherd in the radio


Chris, we’ve often had problems with players that don’t live nearby because we pay so poorly, and offer short contracts that they can’t afford to relocate.

I don’t think he’d have been commuting to Glasgow, or Norwich, but then again, he probably wasn’t on £500 a week there.


Keates has assembled a huge backroom staff when he just needed a decent number 2 to give him so guidance. An old head


Could not agree more


I would have thought that John Ward would fit the bill perfectly…


Yeah I bet he doesn’t give a ■■■■ :roll_eyes:


I wouldn’t be suprised if keates resigns I don’t want him to ruin his legacy imo


When’s Gerrard signing chief?


Yeah, he’d have been living away at Rangers, which would have seen him spend even less time with his kids.

Reckon he’s spent some time at the club and realised how much of a tin pot outfit we are, so looked for the exit.


Have we had to pay up any of his contract? or has he just walked?


Mutual consent suggests he’s walked


Or just told to ■■■■ off


Wonder if Bonser, Gamble and Mole will do the same thing.


And Masi :wink:


You’re obsessed mate! And in need of a guiding light😂


Every last one of them , top to bottom , they can all ■■■■ off


Shrews last game of the season is looking tasty😳


And you wonder why the promise of a ■■■■■■■ pint doesn’t get me down there :rofl::wink: