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Something Is Dangerously Wrong


Team isn’t turning up in the six pointers.

That’s Bradford, Bristol Rovers and Scunny all lost meekly in last month. If you keep losing to teams below you it’s inevitable what happens.


We’ll be down by the time we play them.


Given the amount of coaching staff Deans got into the club I do wonder if the players are lacking a clear direction and focus going into games.

If they are unorganised defensively and as this was apparently one of Deanos strengths previously something doesn’t add up…

Either the coaching isn’t working or the players aren’t good enough - even as I’m typing this it seems too simple (maybe I’m missing something!)


A deal couldnt be agreed with gerrard. Thats not bullshit. Its fact


Hope that is not true or that would suggest that deano really has no direction or contacts and just looking at the easier options ???


He wouldn’t agree to £300 pay as you play deal? :open_mouth:


That’s £300 PA yeah??


We are in a massive pile of crap at present.

The next few weeks are going to crucial to where we end up this season. We clearly need a minimum 3-4 decent signings well before the end of the window and we have a number of relegation battles coming up with Gillingham, Rochdale, Plymouth and Wimbledon, Three of the four who are in much better form than us, currently.

Genuinely concerned about the quality of player we will be able to attract at the minute. The results are ■■■■ and we are in free fall in the league, the atmosphere in the ground is awful and fan protests against the owner are starting to emerge. Fan sites and social media are full of negativity towards the club, the manager and some individual players. Who is going to want to come here on ■■■■ money with all of the above?


Over paid :ok_hand:


You’ve been using the toilets then …:wink:

Spot on @Belphegor we’ll struggle to attract anyone except the injured , finished end of days players , players nobody wants . the usual ■■■■ no one else will have with whats happening down there


I think 3 will come in minimum - possibly start of next week for one.

I think we need 5 players now. Possibly be ok with 4.


We will probably end up with Downing, that’ll be it.
Bonser will instruct Keatsy to make do with what we have. So that it will be easy to sack him when things go **** up…to appease unhappy fans.


I think there are a few lined up - just wait and see. I don’t know who they are, just know there will be some incomings if a coincidental situation is resolved.


I reckon something has happened behind the scenes tbh


like Gerrard signing an 18-month deal with us?


Now if it was Butler re-signing for us, that WOULD cause a resurgence of interest from our now disgruntled fan base!