Southend United (A) Tue 23rd Oct, 7.45pm


If Bakayoko shot the gun we’d all be safe.


Christ :joy::joy:


Willie Naughton was magnificent every week. In fact he was magnificent every hour of every day.

Love that man.


I think time is blurring your mind:grinning:…P.T and you are usually rational chap:grinning:


Love tends to lead to irrationality. But I can’t remember Willie putting a foot wrong. At least not until Barnwell had him playing left back.

I agree that wingers traditionally tend to have mercurial qualities that ebb and flow. Which is why they probably fell out of fashion. Something to do with measurable “levels”. Whatever they are.

Not Willie though. Ten out of ten every week.

One day I will tell my daughter that her middle name derives from Willie’s place of birth. Keep it to yourself for now though. :wink::wink::wink:


Good job for your daughter that he wasn’t born in any of the other nearby villages such as Mauchline, Auchinleck or even Ochiltree!


It’s worth mentioning here that Cook has come up two divisions.
And it’s not like he’s 21 either.
Both he and Ferrier will take some time to adapt.


Just watched the highlights. I’d be interested to know how Wilson played, from anyone who was there.

The space Mantom was able to find their bloke in on the left, who then put the cross in for the third goal, was somewhat alarming.


Agree saw him destroy Man City at Maine rd single handedly


He offered absolutely nothing. A complete downgrade on Devlin.


Martin will be playing at right back soon enough I think.


That’s a complete waste




Southend’s player Harry Lennon broke leg in Tuesdays match against the Saddlers. Lets all hope he makes a full recovery. See link


Good grief, no wonder there was so much injury time.
I second your good wishes for him.


Time will tell, and I certainly hope that you are right.

However Simeon Jackson scored 3 goals in his first 6 matches for Walsall, but lost his place to Bakayoko. Daniel Agyei scored 4 goals in his first 8 matches for Walsall, but lost his place to Bakayoko. Julian Ngoy scored in his third game for the club, but lost his place to Bakayoko. Andreas Makris was signed for £180,000 but lost his place to Bakayoko. Justin Shaibu came on loan highly recommended from Brentford, but lost his place to Bakayoko. While Bakayoko was never rated by the fans he was the first choice striker for both Jon Whitney and Dean Keates.


I think it makes sense as overall Fitzwater-Guthrie is good combination so don’t think the time is quite right to break it up. Get Martin match fit at RB (I’m sure he’ll be better than Devlin) and then he can move across when one gets injured/suspended. Will be full time in January if Fitz gets recalled by WBA which seems likely.


You named your daughter Garnkirk?


Martin isn’t going to be as mobile as Devlin or Wilson at RB. He’s not going to be as influential at RB either.

You say it’s a good partnership but we have still leaked goals at a fair rate again this season. I like them as individuals but I don’t see a great partnership there.


I’d argue that, particularly Ferrier, already looks better than all of those strikers you named.

Just because players have turned out ■■■■■ that doesn’t mean these two will as well. At the moment I know who I’d rather have in my side and it isn’t even close.