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There are 2 Willie Naughtons in Scottish footballing lore. The one born in Garnkirk died in 1906 at the horribly early age of 35. The more recent Naughton hails from a town called Catrine, in East Ayrshire.



That was the other Willie Naughton.

Our Willie was born in Catrine.


Sorry Welsh. I began my reply before I saw yours. Good job we both came up with the same answer. :kissing_heart:


He was first choice striker during a period of time when the club went from being promotion contenders to relegation material. During the time when he was first choice striker he never once even came close to topping the club’s scoring charts, which you would reasonably expect from a first choice striker playing up front on his own for the most part. Keates had no alternative but to rely on Baka, as he joined the club outside of the transfer window and had to work with what he had. The first thing Keates did when the transfer window opened was sign a striker who was clearly then used as first choice during pre-season while Baka was still at the club, he then sold Baka and signed another two strikers. Its not a fact, but I would imagine on the balance of probability That’s exactly what Keates would have done had he joined the club in time for the January window.

If you’re relying on Jon Whitney’s judgement as a manager to support an argument, then I would respectfully suggest your on shaky ground. Oh and Baka has started 2 games for Coventry!


So is it Katrina, Catrina, Catherine …?


Ha ha. Well done. It is Catherine.