Stadium Deep Unclean

Cheers for clearing that up Leigh.

People just love to moan. We could sign Messi and people would moan he’s old.

Must say I was at the Villa game in the Homeserve stand , no major issues nothing of note to get excited about .
Stadium suite was good , service ok glass collection ok .
Toilets ok ,
Think some people are only happy when their moaning .
It’s a football stadium open to the elements not the Royal Albert Hall .


It may well be open to the elements but about 10 days ago our CEO was proudly informing all of us that he had instigated a deep clean of the whole stadium to keep us safe and make the match day experience more enjoyable. Clearly this was not done properly.

Things are looking good on the pitch, but the way he’s dealt with this, the business with Rob, and the problems with ticketing he’s making himself look stupid.


What did happen with @RobHarv3y ?

From another thread, The Walsall Supporters Association thread



Doesn’t bother me one bit to post it here.

When I posted the newspaper article about Brian Dutton, I received an email from, guess who, the SLO, with a letter attached that was signed by Gamble to inform me that essentially due to posting that, the chairman didn’t want me to attend further WPM’s as it was uncalled for and there had been complaints.

Whether people like it or not, it was a newspaper article that was out there in the free press, and I made no unsubstantiated comments.

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My impression from the palace games was that there was loads of dust on some seats, which could easily have been the sort of deposition that I get on my unwashed cars. It’d probably be smart to sort this. More of an issue could be that some of the PVC seats looked a bit brittle to me, many could do with rapid replacement IMO.

Absolutely unreal that is.

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Where I was sat for Palace game, the seats in front of me were cable tied and by them, there were pieces of red plastic from where the seats had been broken previously.

Piss poor effort - for years I’ve said Club should run a proper day where fans go and renovate stadium - I know people have volunteered but organised properly, like at other clubs, it could have a decent impact.


It wasn’t just dust, it was ingrained dirt. I had to rub my finger along it to remove it, it was so bad. I’m taking a pack of cleaning wipes to my next match and will clean our seats myself. A bit of dust wouldn’t bother me but this leaves your clothes dirty.


If everybody did this and cleaned their seat and the one next to it, we’d have a clean(ish) stadium and still have enough money to acquire a striker.


I’m honestly on the horns of a dilemma what to wear to my first match back. Should I wear my “special” cleaning outfit as it is a happy occasion or the more practical outfit?


Credit to Aston Villa for providing materials to assist with the cleaning.




Nice patronising pat on the head there…:grinning:


Dan Mole "… Wonder how much I could but this on eBay for? … "

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Isn’t Mole a Villa fan … :thinking:

Yes he is.

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Thought so , no wonder he looks like he’s going to cream his pants , or is that for the player …


But they give us a nice cheque for playing here, gotta keep em sweet and pretend we care :smiley: