Stadium Suite on matchdays

If numbers are low makes sense to save on wages and energy usage.


Conversely, if the club are to maximise income by renting it out for functions it makes sense to just close it and direct fans to the community hub rather than announce each match day whether or not it’s open.


Sounds silly but where is the community hub?

Or when the Saddlers Club re-opens

Family stand

Is it? I thought it was downstairs behind the goal.


Isn’t that the Bescot Bar?

Pretty sure the bar behind the goal is called the community hub.

Not too fussed to be honest about it closing after games, I don’t think I’ve ever hung around for a pint after.


Too many rooms :smile:

It was renamed when they did the work on the Bescot Bar during the pandemic.

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Where is the Stadium Suite and who can go in it?

Isn’t that the big one in the middle tier? I think anyone sat behind the goal can go in.

Stadium Suite is in the big stand behind the goal. Anyone with a valid ticket can get in pre-match.

The others, who knows?!

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We did most of last season. Usually about 20-30 people in there, less if we’ve been particularly bad.

Not surprised they would close it to be honest.
We’d either go in the community hub or back into town. Last season when we went into the community hub there was no ale, seemed to all be lager, so if it continues like that will go into town.

I don’t know. I know where the Bonser Suite is but not the Stadium Suite.
I’ve always had a drink at local hostelries before/after games, never bothered with anything at the ground which is why I don’t know where anywhere is.
I did try the Saddlers Club once and the Bescot Bar once, back in the 90s.

It’s the main suite for the Middle and Upper Tiers behind the goal.

Because the Saddlers Club was closed they also let others in prior to the game as long as they had a ticket.

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The Hub = the bar in the Park Inn hotel next door

The Mick Kearns Community Hub (rebranded Bescot Bar) = the bar downstairs behind the Homeserve lower (you have to go in via the turnstiles to access it)

The Stadium Suite = the much larger bar upstairs under the Homeserve middle and upper (ticket holders for those areas can access via the usual turnstiles on the sides, everyone else has to use the posh entrance behind the Homeserve)

Fan Zone = the junior/family area under the Community stand (know there is a door on the outside but not if you are able to access your seats from inside - or what “refreshments” they cater for)

The Chairman Mao/Bonser Suite = upstairs in the main stand (not sure if it is open to anyone with a ticket in that stand or only the privileged few)

1888 Lounge = main stand and is paying members only

Saddlers Club = watch this space

Savoy/Mayfair/Priory Lounges = main stand (not sure if these are open for hospitality during games or only used for conferencing)

Directors Lounge = main stand and where the bigwigs go to keep their distance from the riff raff in the other bars

Away fans = there is a bar under the away end but not sure how it compares to the Community Hub at our end

Others= sometimes a pop-up bar or 2, most often in the overhang corner between the main stand and the Homeserve where the catering wagon usually is


I think also that the Homeserve and Poundland stands have swapped names since last season. So the big stand is the Poundland Stand and the main stand is the Homeserve stand. I think!

My season ticket for the big stand behind the goal still says Homeserve on it. I think the main stand (where the players tunnel is) has been renamed as Poundland now sponsor the whole stadium - think it’s now Tile Choice (who used to sponsor the big stand)?