Stadium Suite

Wayne Thomas has moved on and Mick Kearns has retired, but there was some new bloke doing the hosting at the FGR game so thought they’d be continuing the pre-match stuff despite there being no old boy/injured player interview for that particular game - especially as they trying to encourage people to comenback after the final whistle. However, all there is today, and the last time I was up here, is the EPL game on TV - not even someone coming on stage to announce the team selection.

What’s going on here?

It’s utter ■■■■■ up there. Can’t wait for the Supporters Club to return.

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Not open after the game either, party on

I think everyone has decided to lay low at the moment the way it’s going on the pitch , no one wants to line themselves up for pelters off everybody

Too dangerous to be in there, might get hit by a Gaffney “cross”


Why bother putting a decent cross in when you need to sprint 50 yards at 70mph to meet your own ball .


Still a shambles seen a few complaints about it