Staff management


Am I the only one who has noticed how awful the staff management is this season? Everything seems to have gone to pot. The kiosk staff all look lost and there is never any stock. The management in the restaurant just stand around while staff stand there talking and I over heard the management and staff in red shirts insulting customers. This is not ok and disgusting behaviour to insult customers who should be valued. Something needs to be done because the staff cannot be expected to behave when management act like this


I’ve not bothered using the kiosks or spending any of my money once in the ground because I know the service is so substandard it makes McDonalds look like the Ivy


Agreed has gone down hill this season, slow disinterested service. Tried to charge me £8.80 last week for a pie and coffee, easy to make a mistake but that’s blindingly obvious but not a flicker from them, they pay no attention to what they are doing and are oblivious to what’s around them.


Its been an issue for a while, lost count of the amount of times they have run out of Balti pies ! Plus they always seem to be over staffed in the upper tier kiosks, its seems some of them are just there to hand the drink over to a person standing 3 foot away ? And yes none of them look happy to be there !


Agreed. Its a bit rag tag. The ticket women are good, but most others look lost. What do they say leadership comes from the top down? Bonser aint much of a leader.


and probably can’t even add up how much it should cost … just have a guess mate


A couple of weeks ago I had to explain to a member of the bar staff what the ingredients of a shandy are!


…well that’s pretty obvious if you ask me … that would be two pint’s of strongbow , cheers :beer:


I won’t be asking them to mix me a dry martini shaken not stirred anytime soon then


The attitude of the owner of a business is always reflected in its staff. Did someone say ‘slow and disinterested’?


Yes and ripping someone off by trying to overcharge, then slinking back without an apology ready to try it on with the next unsuspecting fan :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The staff in the Homeserve make me feel like I’m in the walking dead half the time. Not a brain cell between them. I tend to eat before.


I don’t tend to use them unless desperate, last time i went to get served it was like watching the chuckle brothers from me to you sketch :rofl:


The other week I broke my own rule and spent the pre-match in the Stadium Suite (I hope you understand the sacrifices I make to see a Saddlers legend Jorge Leitao :grin:).

The bars are an improvement on past seasons (not exactly a high bar to beat, mind). A nice pint of Hobgoblin, competitively priced and for once not served at the temperature of an iceberg.

Needing something to soak up aforementioned Hobgoblin I ventured to one of the kiosks for some grub. Wincing slightly at the prices I opted for a cheeseburger. My order took the involvement of at least 3 members of staff. I can’t remember what the person at the till tried to charge me but it obviously wasn’t the price of 1 cheeseburger (even at Uncle Jeff prices). It took a few seconds for my surprise at the price quoted to be understood by the member of staff. I sat back down to eat the thing only to find they had used a novel cooking technique that involves burning the outside edge of the burger to a point that it could be classed as cremated whilst simultaneously leaving the middle so raw the cow could’ve possibly been resuscitated.


I went to the bar after the match and the blond worker in the red shirt was shouting at another employee saying how the management was going to hide from these idiots either they are insulting the customers or even the management cannot stand the stupidity of the morons they employ.