Stan Blandford

Very sad to hear Stan is in a Nursing home. An absolute legendary Walsall fan who attended many more than a thousand consecutive games. Let’s give him our best wishes


Sorry to hear this
A true fan of Walsall FC and football in general. Had numerous chats with him over the years

Sad news what’s wrong any idea?

So sad to hear this. I remember Stan from away games we attended many years ago. Absolute Saddlers fanatic, and proud to be so.
All the best mate. UTS.

Sorry to read this news.

I do have some more detail but would be wrong of me to put on a public forum. I will happily respond to a private message.

Kind regards all


Sorry to hear the news, best wishes.

The club to there great credit are doing something so watch out for that

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No worries mate I understand that

Just tried to send you a message but it says you are not accepting messages mate

Oh I’m not sure why that would be the case. Is it a setting?

Must be in your settings I think

OK I’ll check. There are a number of online articles about Stan. He didn’t miss a game since 1976 I think. Absolutely incredible


You have blocked everyone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:

Sad to hear this, wish him all the best.

An amazing loyal supporter. Used to see him walking to the stadium with a radio in his hand.


Loved seeing Stan’s enthusiasm for the saddlers over the years, all the best mate :+1:


Didn’t he used to have a column in our match programne back in the 70s/80s?

Even when our away support could have “come in a taxi”, you could always rely on Stan being one of those that made the effort.

Hope he gets well enough to make it down to the Banks’s to see his beloved Saddlers a few more times yet.

I am sure that ISSA and @Dhforever in particular will be interested in doing something for Stan if needed :wink: with our help of course

He used to called upon by Radio WM a few years back for his take on things like managerial sackings or periods of uncertainty at the club.