Stand completion

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref new stand build

As you are aware. During the last. Two months we set out with the hope of building an all seated stand up at the railway club

The building of the stand and re naming of the playing pitches Where in order to improve the facility , whilst honouring. Our former gaffer Chris Nicholl and. Leave him with a lasting legacy in the town that took him to there hearts , which is no more than he deserves for the memories he provided us with

We wanted to improve The playing areas and provide a facility. That would be one of the best grass roots. Facilities in the bourough of Walsall

The facility plays home to the. Adult Issa FC side and the well known. Junior football club forest star which has produced many a player who has gone on to have a successful career. in the game

And this facility is provided to these kids TOTALY free of charge As. The independent Saddlers supporters association. Alongside. Everyone involved with the lmrca railway club , try to give something back. To the community, And what better way than providing a safe and secure facility For local kids. Many of whom. May not be able to afford the costs associated with attending other. Footballing facilities , and slip the net. Due to financial restrictions.

We aim over the next few years to make the facility which is now going. To be known as the Chris Nicholl stadium , even better
And a place. That local youngsters. Can hone there skills on the. Junior pitch, , before progressing. Onto the senior pitch and as we have always said. The dream being that one of these youngster will ultimately pull on the red Saddlers shirt and run out at bescot

Alongside Steve hinks. Who oversees all football related. Issues down at the facility. We have a vision that we will continually strive to deliver and all to benefit the community we live in

As you can see the stand is nearly complete , The rubber roof is now. in place and again you can see that half the seats have been put in place
all that remains to do is add the rest of the seats , alongside a few bits of snagging. And the fitting of the internal and external advertising boards. Which we aim to do this week And it’s complete,

We are planning something a bit special for the official opening with the help of some ex Saddlers. And one of our sponsors majestic travel so keep your eyes open for details

I think the end result as exceeded all our expectations. But again. It has to be said. We could not Do it without you of Walsall. FC. Who back us in everything we do ,

and. Every time you buy. Something from our online store, attend an Issa event,
Have a go on the card in railway club pre match , travel to a game on an Issa run coach. Etc etc. You are indeed. Helping us. Give something back Be it. The building of this stand, helping out the veterans on the streets of Walsall , helping the elderly within the comunity , Helping. Under privalaged kids. Helping disabled kids , feeding our NHS staff, Alongside. Helping. Walsall FC. In fact The list is endless. But they all. Fall under the remit of what Issa stands for

So from all involved with Issa a massive thank you. To you all for your continued support. Also a massive thank you yo all the local company’s who. Who wanted to be part of. This. Project. All of whom will be named in a roll of honour. Which will be On show in the finished stand, We could not do it without you all.

I’m sure Cathy Nicholl will. Show Chris this post. So big man I hope we have done you proud and can’t wait till you come back up and view for yourself whats been done. Once a saddler always a saddler. Chrisimage