State of the art training ground

Not so state of the art that it can handle a mild winter? Seems we’re still training on the 4g pitch at Bescot

I believe it became flooded recently and is still in the process of being repaired. I’m guessing the land is below the flood plain.

Flooded? Don’t you mean waterlogged? If so, the state of the art drainage system must be struggling

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Yeah, you know what I mean. Flooded was a bit extreme :sweat_smile:

They can use one of the 20 gyms they’ve set up after selling players.

Ah, actually, it all makes sense now.

Whalley used to tell us that our state of the art training ground was a big factor in attracting new players to the club.

Obviously, at the moment we can’t use it, so that’s why we’ve made no decent signings in this transfer window!

Talk about bad timing.

“Look at our fantastic state of the art training ground, dont you want to train here?”

“Why aren’t you using it at the moment”

“We’ve had a really moderate winter”


Nick Gillingham used it a lot, didn’t do him any harm.

Oh hang on - are the badges valid for 4G pitches? :smile:

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are the badges valid for 4G pitches? (Coop63)

There’s no such thing as a 4G pitch. The highest FIFA-approved standard is 3G. You’re getting confused with your mobile phone network! :grinning::grinning:

I’m future proofing my posts!!!

My bad… :thinking::rofl::weary:

Must be why we water the bescot pitch before matches on cold winter nights ----to acclimatise the players between the two pitches, didn’t work Tuesday! :grin: