Statement: Working Party Meetings

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Can not speak for other bodies who attend working party meetings, but as chair of the independent saddlers supporters association ( Issa) , I can confirm ) that we are as dissapointed as anyone that meetings have been temporarily suspended,

In total agreement that at this point in time it is vital that said meetings re comence , as like Simon says it is the only way fan concern,s can be aired and debated With senior personel at the club

Issa are hopefull that August will see meetings resume, , and state we have no problem whatsoever attending meetings with any other group representing fans, And never have had

If August meeting does not take place Issa will seek a meeting with. Board members of Walsall FC in order to adress the situation



Are these meetings being cancelled because the club can’t be bothered, or are they blaming ISSA and the Trust?



Enquired about the status of the meeting this morning. Dan Mole said that the club hadn’t heard from any of the other stakeholders, so wasn’t expecting the meeting to take place.



Bonser must be loffing his ■■■■■■■■ off



That’s interesting. A club working party meeting that the attendees have to ask for!



Good old Dan Mole, the most clueless of clueless ones…



He is not clueless though Mazza.
Mole knows exactly what is going on along with the rest of them and is just obeying orders from the Bonsermeister as per usual.
Nice salary, nice company car with personalised number plate, pretty easy job as all decisions are made for him. All he has to do is take a bit of (to him) meaningless flak on social media sites now and again.
What`s not to like, and who can blame him?

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No I get that , it’s just a shame that those fans who contribute towards his salary do not have a voice when it comes to those who run this club.

He’s a fraud along with Gamble , the club has fallen apart under his reign. But hey he has a private REG so life’s good.



I find it more “exclusive” these days not to have a private reg.

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Ha ha true , it just highlights that you can’t afford to change your car on a regular basis :wink:



And with virtually everyone i see spouting a loud of cobblers on the telly being a “Sir” i am so glad i am one of the exclusive minority who is not:laughing:

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God, this club is ■■■■■■■ ■■■■. Come on Mole & co, at least pretend you give a ■■■■ about these meetings and email both parties to ask if these meetings will be happening. They’re taking place at your place of work to talk about your work so take the lead.
The arguing between Trust and ISSA probably doesn’t help but yet again the club are just proving that they aren’t really arsed. Mole and Gamble must think the trust and ISSA run their groups as full time jobs. They don’t.
Mole and Gamble, this literally is part of your role.

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WSFC have jumped every hurdle the club has asked - FSF membership, mission, constitution, committee.

Now WSFC can’t join Working Party Meetings until a vote is held by the organisations that currently attend them. This has to happen at the next Working Party Meeting…

All this plays into the club’s hands.



Does it have to be a unanimous result to become accepted?



I believe so, Tom.



In that case, I seriously worry about the Trust passing it through, can see them using this an opportunity to take back some of their influence with the club.

If that happens, what’s the plan from there?

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We’ve had positive contact from the Trust and ISSA, Tom. But it WSFC isn’t accepted, we carry on regardless.

I can’t see a non-political reason that we wouldn’t be accepted.



Your biggest hurdle currently is getting them both in the same room, unless quorum rules apply.

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May have to be a vote by carrier pigeon at this rate!

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