Stefan Gamble SACKED . .

Only from the EFL, sadly.

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Is that Jez Moxey, formally of the skip rats :thinking:

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Useless ■■■■■

When I first read it,I thought it said " filling history." I was surprised "right to know " had stretched to dental records.

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Don’t they serve terms by rotation?

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he was a director representing league 1 clubs, there’s already someone for league 2.
From the EFL website:

Club representation on the EFL Board comprises three Directors from the Sky Bet Championship, two Directors from Sky Bet League One and one Director from Sky Bet League Two, each selected by the 24 Clubs in their respective divisions.

Derby County Chief Executive, Stephen Pearce, has been appointed as a Championship Club Director to join fellow representatives, Reading Chief Executive, Nigel Howe, and Bristol City Chief Executive, Mark Ashton.

Fleetwood Town Chief Executive, Steven Curwood, and Burton Albion’s Non-Executive Director, Jez Moxey, are the League One Club Directors, whilst Carlisle United Director of External Affairs, John Nixon, has been re-elected to serve as the League Two representative.

Spoil sport.

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Deflated, thinking the club had seen sense at last! I feel like the kid on Xmas morning that tears off the wrapping paper only to find it wasn’t the pressie he had wanted😩

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Maybe he’ll have time to do his own job properly now…:thinking:…Nah!