Stevenage away - no trains

Heads up for those thinking of travelling by train to Stevenage away - don’t. There are no trains in or out of London Kings Cross on that weekend. Trains will run between Peterborough and Biggleswade and Kings Lynn to Letchworth. There will be replacement buses between Biggleswade and Hitchin and Hitchin and Potters Bar (or get the number 100 or 101 from Hitchin to Stevenage). No 54 or 55 from Letchworth to Stevenage.


At the moment, who would bother going all the way to Stevenage to watch us?


Me, because I live nearby, more like a home game for me.

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Lucky you :grinning:



There’s a bus from Luton that goes to Stevenage IIRC (as a bit of a bus saddo I may have caught one at some point…) so that might be an alternative route by train.

Normally it’s an away I’d do but pain in the backside to already pain in the backside season.

Nice one for the heads up just sent it onto my pal who books it all…

Never been Stevenage so one for me tick off and it isnt that far just a ball ache too get too on train!

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Not going that match anyway.

Bus from Luton to Stevenage is the one that goes via Hitchin. Bus stop in Hitchin is about a mile from the station though

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