Stewart Departs

There’s one off the wage bill…

That’s a shame, he’d certainly started to get the best out of the forwards.


Simon I started another thread at about the same time. Please close it as we only need one. Agree with you sorry to see him go as things were beginning to look good up front.


Agreed - concerning from this aspect.

Think more too it than just the commute maybe?

I agree it’s all motorway, granted it can be a nightmare at times but he’ll have something lined up for sure.

Made the decision for the good of his family. Situations like this make you appreciate things you would sometimes not realise when going about you normal working life.

Good luck to him, he worked well with the attackers here and should do well wherever he goes.

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Good luck, Marcus.
Our forwards markedly improved under your tutelage and hard work.

The timing of this announcement suggests a decision on completion of the EFL season is imminent. I think 2019/20 is over.


I just read it. Bit sad news, cause I liked how strikers improved. Probably big part of it was because there was good coach behind. But nothing new it seems, club just returned to times, when there was no one responsible for coaching strikers, directly. Ain’t like it, but need to accept it. And good luck, Marcus.