Still Not Right

Went with eight year old grandson to yesterday’s match.Visited club shop because he wanted a third choice shirt-none available in his size.Went up to refreshment kiosk on first floor-he wanted a steak pie-all sold out at 2.45.
So despite all the recent platitudes there is still a lot to be done!


I’m sure with a little bit of planning, (i.e a 10 yr 0ld could have worked it out) we are playing on Tuesday night,surely they could have ordered more pie’s than usual,kept them in the fridge until (A) it looked like they were running out of pie’s,and so bang a few more in,or (B) keep them in the fridge until Tuesday.Same goes with all the other stuff they sell.

C’mon Sid - that stuff requires a bit of thought (not much though…)

I went in the shop with my 8 year old grandson too (ironically) and they didn’t have a 3rd kit in his size either (oh, hang on that’s 2 of us visiting the shop looking for the same thing…) but they had 3 rails of stuff in adult 2XL/3XL/4XL anyone that can convince me they know what they are doing is a better man than I…

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Maybe he should have gone in and asked for a job instead of a shirt he would have had more luck :wink:


The place is a joke mate

3 rails of stuff in adult 2XL/3XL/4XL

I think that explains why the pies keep running out.


its a joke been after a baby kit for months only to be told they only stock them at the beginning of the season and when they run out thats your lot until next season.seems very short sighted to me.


It’s daft. If you order too many people will still buy them at cost plus 5% in the end of season sale. There’s no down side!


It’s the end of season sales now. They’re on sale for 50%off . That’s why they’ve only got odd sizes.

Any half well run professional business would have a no sale return agreement in place.

While things atill aren’t great I thought I’d offer a little praise where it’s due.

Upon seeing the 50% on the online shop I ordered a 3rd kit t-shirt in Medium. Have to admit I was surprised it was available. Placed my order and paid. Got an e-mail the following day apologising that the 3rd kit in Medium was no longer available and shouldn’t have been available on the site. While that in itself isn’t great I have to commend the speed with which they replied and handled the issue. Got the order swapped to an away shirt instead.

Damned by faint priase? Maybe, but hopefully it’s a step in the right direction.

I could be wrong but I doubt the manufacturers of kits would allow such agreements with clubs

In my world of business the buyer is, and has always been king and have always had goods return agreements in place.
The supplier would never turn down a season covering sizeable order and with minimal manufacturing costs it generally comes down to how good a businessman and negotiator you are but if you cant be arsed to push it the supplier sure won`t give it.
And to think we cannot even organise pies is just another example of how amateurish, backward thinking, and penny pinching lines WFC is run along.

I respect all businesses are different shady53 (mine for example offers a limited annualised stock cleanse but only on 100% re-saleable goods) - obviously with stuff like replica kits at L1 level, it’s really only the club that is the customer to the supplier!

It’s not as straightforward as it may initially seem…

Coop, things with WFC rarely are straight forward are they?

Still think companies are desperate to sell to you and want your business so you really are the "boss"so comes down a lot to your business acumen and how hard nosed you are.
Sure businessmen like that arse Branson never got anywhere by accepting suppliers rules.

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Can see both sides of the shirt argument as it is 3/4 through the season, however, running out of pies by 2:45 is a joke.


As a rare visitor to the Bescot these days, two things struck me on my Bradford game:
1). Having asked a steward “do I sit in my allocated seat?” (knowing that it would be a pretty full day with the £5 offer) I was told “no mate sit anywhere you like”.
1A) Finding that no isles were numbered I sat approx. where I ‘thought’ my allocated seats were (are we supposed to guess row numbers by counting upwards from the front?).
1B) Then to be told I was sitting in someone’s seat 5 minutes after the game had started!
2) If these ‘were’ season ticket holders how are we supposed to know when the steward told me to sit anywhere?
Bit confusing to a rare attendee. Would help of course if the isles WERE numbered then I could have sat in my allocated seat perhaps?


I’d prefer the club to over-stock on the kids shirts to be honest.

Anything that discourages us fat middle-aged blokes from buying replica tops is a good thing and we should order our stock accordingly.


Same with me…it took ages to find my seat in the upper Homeserve stand,only the top 5 rows had a letter by them,and they were very faded.It’s all very well painting the outside of the ground if they can’t paint letters on the steps to tell you where your seat is.


The paint left over from the exterior is the same colour as the concrete…