Still Not Right


This is actually farcical. How hard can it be?


So I’m presuming the matchday stewards are aware of the almost invisible letters on the steps? Why haven’t they informed anyone? They have pre match briefings by a senior steward regarding attendance, away fans attendance, any historical problems regarding the fixture etc, etc. So why doesn’t anyone raise the issue about the lettering on the steps!! Perhaps they have but Bonser or the CEO have decided that the money to purchase a set of letter stencils and a can of yellow spray paint hasn’t been budgeted for! Gorra lof a ya :joy:


if this was just the past month i would accept it but they havent had any new stock in since last year i know that for a fact because i have been after a few things.not good enough for me.


You are correct, the pies need restocking :rofl:


Just to let you know Mister - no one that works there actually cares - it’s not like a real business you see…


Fixed that for you :smile:


Thanks for that Coop, here I am thinking that they actually care about customers and actively seek to communicate with their customer base! You’ll be telling me next that the CEO doesn’t do his job because he doesn’t have the skill set! Then you’ll be telling me that the Club Secretary doesn’t Ooooh hang on😂


The situation with the kits is ridiculous.
They clearly ordered a load of big sizes based on early season demand.
Big men can usually afford to buy their shirts straight away, kids might have to wait for Santa.

It needs sorting, because I have a cracking idea for next season’s kit. *
However, I’d be reluctant to share it, if there was a stock issue like previous years.
At the start of last season when we had the check shirts, nobody was able to get one at all.
I was fortunate that I still had one from Roger Boli’s days, which caused quite a stir at the first game.

  • (in my opinion)




The fact there’s loads of the big sizes unsold seems to indicate the fat middle aged blokes don’t need to be discouraged as they’re not buying them anyway! :wink:


I get the impression that not talking to each other in regards to problems happens all over the club at all levels.