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Strengthening in January?


Expect a return soon. May stay or head back out on loan to League 2, potentially.


I’d keep him around the first team. He’s got potential hence the England call up and big contract we gave him, he was just drafted in far too quick under Whitney with too much expectation.


Scunthorpe United have Signed Adam Hammill on an 18 month deal. What a signing that could have been for us.


The teams below us like Scunthorpe obviously mean business. The irony is that Bury did a similar thing last season. They also had a player who played just behind the big man (Hanson) and terrorised defences. He tore us to shreds but thanks to a lucky own goal, we stayed up and their bubble burst. If only we had someone like that in our squad to add a bit of quality alongside Cook. What was his name? Zeli someone. Not sure what happened to him though…


fantastic signing but they are known as decent payers scunny.


Compared to Walsall, even Greggs pays well


Agreed …he is the type of experienced player we lack.


WE signed him in August and everybody was glad!! I am still glad because he will come good again. People forget he has had a groin strain and that takes some getting over particularly by players who rely on pace and movement .


Not been hugely impressed tbh although of course he had big shoes to fill in replacing Ozzy.


I read through the thread when he signed, the other day, and pretty much all the comments were very positive. It just goes to show that you can never really know how any signing for us is going to work out. Notwithstanding that I still hope that Zeli will come good.


Bradshaw completes move to millwall 1.2 million we have a sell on of at least 10% maybe 20 . So let’s re invest the money bonser .For a club our size think most supporters would be happy as long as the money we get for players is invested back in to the team( Peterborough are a great example).


It would help his case an awful lot if he looked like he gave a ■■■■ occasionally. Especially without the ball.


Add to that the Ginnelly money, and the possibility of prize money come Saturday, its been a lucrative week, and could be a very lucrative one if we get through. I’m pretty worried looking how resurgent some of the bottom teams are, any complacency and we’re in big trouble. Deano needs to get things right this window, and the first part of that is at least having the funds he needs. The other is addressing some uncomfortable issues regarding the out of form defenders and keeper. Going to be an interesting, and season defining few weeks.


Isn’t Rico close to number of games that trigger a payment aswell? Think he played in Brentford’s 4 games over xmas.


I’ve heard Nicky devlin is willing to drop his wages to stay but keates has still told him no! For me 2 of the 3 remaining Whitney 2017 signings will go this summer imo


Just heard a rumour from a very decent source, apparently Keates has met with a certain striker we’ll all know :+1:t2:


Spill the beans


Is he from Belgium ? :joy:


Give us a clue chief ??


Keates has met with Darren Bent.

I don’t know how the talks went but he has 100% met with him.